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Going to Shenzhen: A how-to Guide!

Going to Shenzhen: A how-to guide!
For all the people coming to visit Zhuhai, there are certainly a lot of interesting cities and places nearby. Of course there is Hong Kong and Macao, as well as Guangzhou, which all are amazing places with colonial history. As most people know Macao was a former Portuguese colony and Hong Kong belonged to the British colonial empire. Guangzhou also has a rich history of French and British concessions in the 19th century. While these cities are certainly very interesting and unique, few western people know about Shenzhen.

Have a look at this bird-eye video of Shenzhen!

Zhuhai is basically the mainland Chinese sister of Macao, located directly at the Macao border. Shenzhen on the other side of the Pearl River Delta is the mainland sister of Hong Kong. Shenzhen has become one of the fastest growing cities in Asia as well as one of the youngest cities in the whole world. In the year 1979, there were merely about 30.000 people living in the city. Today there are approximately 13 million people living in this fast expanding metropolis. Shenzhen is also becoming more and more like a Chinese version of Silicon Valley. Most Software and Technology companies have their seat in Shenzhen and the majority of the Chinese technical device production is located near Shenzhen. Actually, most of the technical devices you own probably originated there. It is an incredibly young city which attracts young skilled workers from all over China. So if you come to Zhuhai for an internship, make sure to pay this awesome city full of hustle and bustle a visit.


How to get there?

The most convenient way to travel from Zhuhai to Shenzhen is the ferry from Jiuzhou port. The Ferry usually arrives every 30 minutes which makes travelling very comfortable and the ticket price is 115 RMB, also not very expensive.  Make sure to watch our video tutorial for taking the ferry following this link. The staff at the ticket counter usually speak English, but if you are not sure that they understand you, just show them these Chinese characters蛇口港站.

You can review the ferry schedule here.  Also check out our video tutorial about travelling to Shenzhen clicking here.

Once you arrive at Shenzhen Shekou port, there is a metro station right in front of the port that can take you directly into the city center. Make sure to have some 1 RMB coins or 5 RMB notes, because those are the only ones that work at the ticket machines.

Another possible way to go to Shenzhen is via the bus, which is a little cheaper but takes a lot longer than the ferry and is not as convenient.  Have a look at the schedule and prices here. There are several bus stations in Zhuhai, so you can select a bus station that is near your accommodation.

If you have any questions about planning your travels during your internship with us in China, do not hesitate to contact our staff and we will gladly help you.



Chinese Festivals

Jasper’s Chinese New Year

My Chinese New Year journey started on 30th January when we finished work. That night we first went out to dinner and then spent the rest of the evening drinking with all the interns in Zhuhai. It was a very good night with some amazing fireworks to celebrate the start of the new year.

InternChina – InternDinner

The next day I woke up quite early (with a slight hangover) to take the ferry to Shenzhen which is actually very close to Zhuhai. A friend of mine was there on holiday so we decided to meet up. When I arrived in Shenzhen I first met my friend and we then rushed to take the bus to Hong Kong. The bus ticket to Hong Kong was quite cheap and on a quiet day the journey only takes around 50 minutes, which thankfully for us, it was!

Once we arrived in Hong Kong we walked around the city and got lost. I didn’t mind as I actually find this the best way to explore a new city. Later that evening when we managed to find our bearings we returned to Shenzhen and spent the next two days there. My time in Shenzhen was very relaxed, we spent the days walking around, eating and chilling in the sun., which is my ideal holiday!

Because my first trip to Hong Kong was such a short trip I decided to go there again but this time all on my own and then return to Zhuhai the same day by ferry. But this time round the bus to Hong Kong was terrible, it was slow and overcrowded.

Once again when I arrived in Hong Kong, I spent the day walking around and sightseeing. I didn’t keep track of time and didn’t feel like rushing to take the ferry to Zhuhai, so I decided to find a hostel and stay in Hong Kong for the night. Easier said than done. Because it was Chinese New Year it was extremely busy time in Hong Kong and every hostel/hotel I came across was full!

After 2 hours of searching, I finally found a hostel with the one bed available. At the hostel I met some nice people who I then I went to dinner with. I was also able to discover the Hong Kong night life with them.

I had initially planned to wake up early to do some last minute sightseeing and allow myself plenty of time to get the ferry to Zhuhai. But as I overslept, I had to rush anyway. When I finally arrived to the port I heard the ferries to Zhuhai were full for that day. But it wasn’t a problem as there were other ways to get back to Zhuhai, this was to take the ferry to Macau and then cross the border. After hours of waiting, taking the ferry ride and a bus ride through Macau, I finally made it home! The remaining 2 days of the holiday, I did what every teenager loves to do, just sit back and relax.

There are plenty of cultural and fun activities to do in China during Chinese New Year. And more places to travel to than you can dream of. Do an internship in China and be here for the next Chinese New Year, apply now!


Jasper’s Introduction Blog

Nihao people, my name is Jasper. I’m from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. This is my first day here at InternChina in Zhuhai, I have been introduced to the young and fun staff here at the office. After one day I can already see myself having a great time here and I’m confident I will learn a lot here.

InternChina – At the Great Wall

After I finished high school in Holland I moved to Shanghai where I enrolled into Donghua University to study Business Administration. It is a lot of fun studying in Shanghai, it is a dynamic city with a lot to see and do. During my break I wanted to do an internship not only to gain experience, but also one that involved seeing more of China and Chinese culture. So this was a perfect match for me. Zhuhai is very close to Macau, Hongkong and Shenzen, all places I have always wanted to visit and now it is all possible.

One thing I love about China are the people, they are all so kind and willing to help you out. Another thing I love is the food, Chinese take a lot of pride in their food and that shows. There is so much variety and delicious kinds of food, you can’t walk 10 meters without walking by a restaurant or food stall.

InternChina – Zhuhai

Zhuhai is a small city compared to Shanghai (still more than 1, 5 million people living here!). It’s a totally different environment. But also a lot of nice people and activities to take part in.

This is a great opportunity for me to understand more about the Chinese way of doing business, learn to plan and organize events and gaining marketing experience. I’m very excited for my upcoming adventures here in Zhuhai.

Start enjoying an internship in Zhuhai as I do and apply now.


Beishan World Music Festival 2013

Last Saturday, the Intern China Zhuhai team and some of the Zhuhai interns attended the Beishan World Music Festival. This is a two-day festival that takes place every year at the Beishan Theater, which is part of an old temple complex in the Nanping area built during the Qing Dynasty. The festival usually hosts an eclectic mix of musicians from all around the world; from jazz and blues to Bossanova and folk. It is becoming a staple of Zhuhai’s cultural scene and one of Intern China’s favourite events!
The original plan was for the interns to volunteer at the event – they have done it in previous years and it’s a great opportunity to be part of the action and excitement. However, this year they had plenty of volunteers so we were not required, but the organisers were very kind and gave us a few free tickets. Our very own Brigitta did get to participate, though, and in a big way: she was chosen as one of the co-hosts for the show! They decked her out in a flowy, sparkly ballgown and did her hair up in a fancy bun – she looked the part and definitely played it well.

Meanwhile, the rest of us walked around, listening to the music for a while and checking out the different vendor stalls, which were selling food and drinks from some of the best Western and Asian bars and restaurants in Zhuhai. There is nothing better than a pint of German beer, a few grilled sausages and a sugary crêpe to enjoy an evening of great music and good friends. We even ran into some of our former interns, currently working in Shenzhen, who didn’t want to miss out on the festival and came out to Zhuhai for the weekend.

After the programme was over and all the acts had gone on stage, we decided to keep the party going and headed over to bar street, where we danced for a few more hours before getting some street barbecue dinner and calling it a night.

Experience all the musical and cultural events that Zhuhai has to offer! Apply now for an internship or email us for more information.

Internship Experience

Why is Zhuhai a good place for an internship?

When people think about China, the first cities that usually come to mind are, of course, Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. If you know a little bit more about the country, you might think of Tibet, Canton, or even Nanjing and Xi’an. But if you have a limited knowledge and experience of China, it’s very likely that you’ve never heard of a city called Zhuhai.

Zhuhai, in the Southeastern province of Guangdong (where Guangzhou, or Canton, is also located), has a population of 1.5 million people. By Chinese standards, this can be considered a small city. So, why would a Westerner want to do an internship in Zhuhai?

To borrow the popular saying… “location, location, location”. Zhuhai is primely located in an area called the Pearl River Delta which, in geographical terms, is the area surrounding the Pearl River estuary. In economic terms, this area comprises several hugely important cities such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong, to name a few. This region is considered an emerging megacity and is one of the main hubs of economic growth in China. Meaning: there are thousands of thriving businesses in the area and the number will only keep growing.

In 1980, Zhuhai was named a Special Economic Zone, due largely to its strategic location. This status has meant that the Chinese government is spending a great deal of resources to make Zhuhai a modern and leading city in terms of business, science, education, tourism and transportation. The amount of investment and the convenience of travel (you can walk across the border to Macau, take a 1-hour ferry to Hong Kong or the high-speed train to Guangzhou) has turned Zhuhai into a hugely attractive place for foreign capital. So, if you are a Western intern, it will not be hard to find a company that has business ties to your region of the world.

Now, we all know that an internship abroad isn’t just about the work experience. It is also about the chance to live in a place different from your own, have exciting adventures and learn about a new and exotic culture. Zhuhai is also the perfect place for this. While it is rapidly developing, it is still one of the smaller cities in the area and has not been affected by pollution, heavy traffic or crime. Here, you can relax on the beach after a long day of work and eat delicious traditional Cantonese food. If you’re homesick and longing for a bit of Western culture, you can hop over to Macau or Hong Kong for a day or a weekend.

So, as you can see, Zhuhai is arguably THE place to be when it comes to choosing an internship in China. The cherry on the cake? The Intern China family, ready to support you every step of the way and help make Zhuhai your home away from home.

Looking for the ideal internship location? Take full advantage of all that Zhuhai has to offer! Apply now or send us an email for more information.