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Application & Funding Questions

Firstly, please visit our Programmes Page and select your university. We will then show you a range of options for you to explore.

Alternatively you can get in touch via our interest form and let us know what you are looking for and our lovely staff will help you with your search.

For packages with internships – locate ones you would like to apply for via our Internship Page. Please indicate the internship reference number(s) of those you are interested in within the ‘other preferences, requirements or comments’ section.

For packages without internship – indicate your preferred location and timeframe, as well as your current level of Chinese, Vietnamese or Spanish (if any).

Once this is all complete, your booking will be confirmed. Visit our Contact Page if you have any further questions.

Internship participants must be at least 18 years old.

Our Programmes are open to individuals of any nationality. Visa eligibility should be confirmed before booking as some nationalities may find it difficult to obtain the correct visa for certain locations. We will advise you on this once we have your application.

Some of our funded programmes such as Generation UK or University-Specific programmes may have additional eligibility criteria. You can find out more about these on our Programmes Page.

Language class or homestay participants must be at least 16 years old. Under 18’s require written permission from their parent/guardian in addition to their booking form.

Please note that our application process may vary slightly if you apply as part of one of our government or university funded programmes.

A member of our team will email you within 48 hours of your application. Firstly, we’ll advise you on funding and answer any of your initial questions. Next we’ll suggest some potentially suitable internships, whereby we’ll also let you know details of the companies we’re suggesting internships with.

Once we’ve identified an internship you’re interested in, our team in the city you have chosen to work in, will send your application to the company and arrange a Skype interview between you and the company.

If you choose to take up the offer of an internship after interviewing with the company, we will send you a booking form to confirm your programme. The booking form outlines our full terms & conditions in relation to your internship, accommodation, insurance, visa and our support.

Full details on funding can be found on our Funding Page. The vast majority of Pagoda Projects’ programmes are funded as part of our partnerships with universities and government-funded organisations. We also offer a cost-effective self-funded programme.

Some of our funded programmes have specific application deadlines. You will be able to see all our programmes on our Programmes Page where you can find the application deadlines too.

For our self-funded programme, it is best to apply as early as possible in order to give yourself a wide range of internship companies available and time to book your flights and visa. We can also arrange programmes at very short notice, depending on your circumstances. If you are unsure whether you have enough time to apply for one of our programmes, please contact us.

Once your internship and booking is confirmed, we will email an invoice to you. You can pay online via credit/debit card or via bank transfer. You only need to pay once you have been successfully placed with a host company and have returned the required booking form to confirm your place on the programme.

For international payments, we always recommend using TransferWise. They’re cheaper than the banks, because they always use the real exchange rate – which you can see on Google – and charge a very small fee. They’re also safe and trusted by over 2 million people around the world. You can sign up here.

Visa Questions

We assist with the visa application process for all participants on Pagoda Projects’ programmes. We issue the required invitation letter and send detailed instructions for your application. We have a dedicated team to guide you through the application process. Normally visa application fees are not included in the cost of your Pagoda Projects’ programme, with the exception of a small number of our scholarships and university-funded programmes.

The cost of a visa varies depending on the country you’re applying to and your nationality. Please contact us for further information.

No. We only assist with visa applications for participants on Pagoda Projects programmes.

Internship Questions

We offer internships in a wide range of sectors and work with over 300 organisations. Please browse our full internship listings to look at specific internships, filtered by sector.

We prefer not to list the names of organisations on our website, but we are happy to tell you the company in question for any internship listed after you’ve completed a non-binding application for our programme.

Yes, of course! More than half of our participants are absolute beginners. Our learning programmes are open to students of all levels — beginner to advanced — and you do not need any previous knowledge. Our programmes are a perfect opportunity to learn Mandarin Chinese, Spanish and even Vietnamese in a native environment.

Accommodation Questions

Most of our university or government funded programmes specify the type of accommodation available to you which are normally in an apartment or student halls, with other participants on your programme.

We also arrange homestays for some of our university programmes which can bring greater cultural immersion to a participant.

No way! China, Vietnam and Mexico have some of the best veggie food in the world! We have many vegetarian participants and in our apartment accommodation you have a fully equipped kitchen to prepare food. There are a number of delicious veggie options at virtually all restaurants.

For short visits this is usually fine, as long as you ask permission from Pagoda Projects and where applicable your housemates or host family in advance.

General Questions

Yes. Comprehensive travel & health insurance is included for every participant on an Pagoda Projects programme. Full policy details are available on request.

The first step would be to chat to your doctor and ask them what you need. There most probably wont be anything that you specifically need to get for our locations but you may need top-ups for some jabs if you do not already have them. Please consult with your GP on this matter though.

When packing your suitcase, there are a few essential things to consider bringing.

These essentials include:
+ Copies of passport, insurance and other documents
+ Eye mask & earplugs (For long plane journey)
+ Laptop
+ Relevant power adapters
+ Western medicine
+ Deodorant, hand sanitizer and other toiletries

* If you are very tall or have a large foot size, we would suggest you bring enough shoes and clothes because it can be difficult to find them in your size in China and Vietnam.
* Girls-Tampons are difficult to find in China so best to bring them with you.

You can purchase most things in the many international stores, so no need to bring your whole wardrobe with you! Depending how long you are coming for, we would recommend that you only bring what you really need and you will be able to find the rest here.

Depending on which city you are going to and the time of year you have booked your programme for, we would recommend packing the following with you:

+ Smart casual clothing for your internship
+ At least one formal attire for special occasions
+ Sunglasses
+ Sun cream & insect repellent
+ Sandals/flip flops
+ Swim wear (China’s swim wear in particular is different to western swim wear so bring your own)
+ Towel

+ Smart casual clothing for your internship
+ At least one formal attire for special occasions
+ Sweaters & coats
+ Waterproof shoes


*If you arrive in Chengdu during the winter season December – February, please pack winter clothing, since there is no general heating in the houses, winters can get really cold.


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