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New era Zhuhai: International Tennis Centre

The relatively unknown city of Zhuhai, located on the southern coast of Guangdong province in China close to Macau and Hongkong and according to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences the most livable city in China, is growing and by growing we are talking about a totally new level.

The best possible example for Zhuhai´s growth and potential to move a step closer to the biggest cities like Shanghai or Beijing is the new International Tennis Centre which will host the WTA Elite Trophy Zhuhai in November 2015. The first stage of the Centre´s development including 5’000 seats and 5 other match courts including a 1’000 seat court and 12 training courts will be completed by September 2015. This enormous $84  million construction will set a new benchmark for China because of its complexity and for Zhuhai because the city will gain worldwide attention.

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The first event, announced by the Women´s Tennis Association (WTA), will be held in November 2015 and will repeat annually until 2019. The new tournament will be called WTA Elite Trophy Zhuhai which is a singles and doubles competition offering $2.15 million in prize money. According to WTA Chairman & CEO Stacey Allaster:“This brand new event combining great players, a fantastic new stadium, and the magnificent location of Zhuhai is a formula that will make the WTA Elite Trophy a success”.


According to Lydia Long, Zhuhai Vice Major, the city is deeply grateful for making Zhuhai´s dream of joining the WTA family come true. Zhuhai is a beautiful, romantic and dynamic city which is more than happy to warmly welcome the best woman tennis players and tourists from all over the world in order to experience the greatness of Zhuhai themselves.


The Tennis Centre is designed by global sports architects Populous which is a global collective of architects, designers, technical experts and industry veterans. Their aim is to create places where millions of people unite. The firm is also well-known for designing the Wimbledon Centre Court´s moving roof and the recently completed Margaret Court Arena in Melbourne. To win the Zhuhai Tennis Centre Populous took part and won a high profile international competition.


Written by Kevin Kowalczyk | Intern at InternChina





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10 Things about China that “Westerners” Envy – Part II of II

Who doesn´t like singing in the shower? In China karaoke reaches a new level. Everywhere you go you find KTV where Chinese as well as foreigners sing, eat, drink and have fun together. If you haven´t experience KTV before, it´s worth to go to China and see it yourself.
Note – Karaoke in China is a bit different from the drunken yodalling in the west. Chinese people can actually sing and they take it pretty seriously! Warm up with some scales before you go.





Street and food sounds like two different pair of shoes but in China this is common practice. Everywhere you go you will have little streetfood “restaurants” where you can find everything from fried chicken feet to the best noodle soup you can imagine. Be open for everything and you will probably taste some of the most delicious food in the world.



Beer in bags

Tired of opening beer bottles? Why not just buying plastic bags filled with the amount beer you would like to have? Sounds hilarious? In Qingdao, China you can find fresh brewed beer filled into plastic bags, just don´t forget to ask for a straw so you can directly enjoy the taste of the freshness.

InternChina TOP TIP – Can´t finish a bag in one go and struggling to put the bag down without spilling the beer??  Get a coat hanger, put the large hole on a door knob then hang the beer bag from the hanger hook! 😉



The magic moment when cheese is 1/2 price in the foreign supermarket

Finding cheap cheese in China could be one of the hardest challenges in your lifetime. But there is this magic moment, the moment which conjures a big smile on your face, the moment where you see the cheese for half of the price in a foreign supermarket. But be careful, big queue´s of foreigners which nearly fight for getting a little peace of the cheesepie, so be prepared and bring a lot of patience with you.



Everything is hard but nothing is impossible

How often do you hear the sentence “This is impossible”? In China there is a different mindset. Even if the challenge looks like the most impossible task the world ever faced, Chinese people find a solution for it. It might be not the best solution but it works and it´s better to have a solution that works than standing in the desert without any water.


Written by Kevin Kowalczyk | InternChina


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10 Things about China that Westerners Envy – Part I of II

Traffic Light Countdown Displays
China’s traffic lights display the number of seconds left for those who are crossing or waiting to cross the street. Many foreign countries do have this, making it more inconvenient for pedestrians.


A Big Place to Explore

If you haven´t been to China before you rarely can imagine how much land China really has. Taking a bus or train from the south to the north of China doesn´t just take a couple of hours, it takes a couple of days, of course depending on where you are going to. I just remember my friend which said: “Let´s go to Shanghai by train and have a great weekend there”. My answer was: “If you want to spend the whole weekend in the train I´m in”.

Chinese lunch and dinner

Haven´t been invited to a typical chinese lunch or dinner yet? Then you definitely missed something. It´s not only delicious it´s even more and there will be such a variety of all kind of different food on the table that you will have problems about with which you start trying. But the best about it is to share all the food with others which makes it a really unique experience.

Chinese dinner at it´s best


Forget Amazon, forget ebay and everything else what you are used to in western countries you’re your online shopping experience. Whether you are looking for a human hamster wheel or rather a spaceflight, on Taobao you can find nearly everything.

Some facts:Taobao Marketplace had more than 5 million registered users as of June 2013 and hosted more than 80 million product listings. For the year ending March 31, 2013, the combined gross merchandise volume (GMV) of Taobao and combined exceeded RMB 1 trillion.



Music matters

Running along the beach while enjoying the sunshine and the fresh smell of water and one second later a guy with a bycycle drives by with a big music box on the front of his bike. Yes in China music matters and whichever public place you will be at you´ll find someone listen to music and yes, chinese people even share the music.

You will also find lots of free dance classes in the outdoors in squares and parks, where you can just join in and learn some new fantastic moves, even if the moves are old fashioned and surrounded by pensioners.


Written by Kevin Kowalczyk | Intern at InternChina Office Zhuhai

Events in Zhuhai

InternChina at the Zhuhai – Macau Half Marathon 2014

Howdiho together,
Yesterday, Sunday the 14th of November 2014 the annual Zhuhai – Macau charity “half-marathon” in Zhuhai took place. Kevin from our InternChina office in Zhuhai and Jesus who is currently interning at our partner company China 2 West were participating in this 16 km distance run.

Zhuhai - Macau Half Marathon 2014

Both were preparing for almost three weeks in order to finish the race in their best possible times and it needs to be said that they never ran such a long distance at a competition before. And indeed, Kevin and Jesus ran a great time considering this limited time to prepare. Both guys accomplished the 16 km distance within 1 hour and 20 minutes and feel happy to have crossed the finish line along with 500 other Chinese runners.

               IMG_4637 Zhuhai - Macau Half Marathon 2014 Zhuhai - Macau Half Marathon 2014

But not only was the run was a great experience for both, they also had a great time meeting, chatting and taking photos with lots of Chinese people. Finally all the runners had a big,delicious lunch in the Nanping area of Zhuhai which included free Harbin beer, what more would our two guys needed after a challenging race?

Also a big thank you to Maddy, Dasha, Manish, Pat and Sunny for supporting Kevin and Jesus on the morning before the run and giving our guys even more confidence and encouragement.

Zhuhai - Macau Half Marathon 2014

Your InternChina Zhuhai office.

Events in Zhuhai

COME TOGETHER 2014: Charity, Music and loads of fun

It´s all about bringing people together for a good purpose. The annual Come Together charity event this year was held on Saturday the 13th of September in the Beishan Theatre in Zhuhai. But what exactly is Come Together? It´s an annual charity music festival underlined by the idea to bring expats and locals together for a great day of live music, fun games and a variety of delicious food with the wonderful aim of raising as much money as possible for local charities.
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This year, the money raised went to two amazing, local charities; the Charity Promotion Association of Zhuhai (CPAZ) and the Zhuhai Autism Society. Both charities are delighted with the total amount that the event raised; an unbelievable 155,000 RMB and we can definitely call it a huge success. The money will benefit the lives and futures of so many young children by enabling them to have a good education. We are so happy to be involved with improving the futures of so many young people.

Aside from the huge amount raise for the charities, there was also an abundance of great live performances from our amazing acts. From Monsoon to Coconut Sunset, from Chairman Wow! to Tommy Chung Trio, there was a great variety of music for all to enjoy.  And our headline act of the night, The High Rollers, did a superb job of getting everybody dancing and into the music.

InternChina @ CT mmexport1410919942451

Altogether, the event managed to draw in over 1,000 generous people for the day to the new Beishan Theatre, which was triple the number of people compared to last year. Come Together will be held again next year and will certainly draw in an even bigger crowd in 2015. We are extremely excited to be a part of it next year and look forward to seeing all of you again!

Overall, it was a massive success for us as our volunteers helped everything run smoothly and therefore we would like to thank all of our volunteers who supported the event. The InternChina Zhuhai office bar also made a great contribution to the final amount.

InternChina Bar mmexport1410920089891




Article written by Kevin Kowalczyk | Intern at InternChina

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Introducing Zhuhai´s office intern – Kevin Kowalczyk

Hello fellas,
I’m Kevin, 23 years young, from Berlin, Germany and just arrived in Zhuhai, China two days ago. What am I doing in Zhuhai? That’s a really good question and there are several different reasons to answer this question. First of all, I´m doing an internship at the InternChina Office in Zhuhai.  I’ve already settled in with the team composed of Morgan, Sunny, Ivan, Henry, William and George and feel like I have always been working here. I am quite an ‘all-rounder’ and will be working in Sales, Marketing as well as Business Development and I’m pretty sure, this broad view will help me a lot for my business administration studies at the HTW Berlin.

The second reason why I chose Zhuhai or rather China, is that I’m really fascinated by the Chinese culture and furthermore by the Chinese people themselves. I´m really happy to can experience this new but exciting country first hand.

Like many people, I think China is the future and will continue to develop faster and faster. Therefore the Chinese language will also be a very important language besides English in the future. For this reason I´m also trying to learn as much Chinese as possible and what better way to do that than by living in China!

During my first two days I already experienced the great Chinese world. Zhuhai isn’t just a beautiful city, it´s also right by the sea and there is a lot of greenery in the city, which gives it a really good atmosphere. Of course it is hot and a bit sticky, but I’ll get used to it like everyone does! Moreover the Chinese people are charming, friendly and helpful. The only premise is that you have to be open-minded and friendly as well. A big plus is to know the Chinese basics, because most Chinese people don´t speak English very well or don´t speak English at all. But don´t worry, you somehow always find a way to express yourself!

The Chinese food – I can’t put it in words – just, tasty. So, so tasty. Maybe it won´t be something for everyone, but I´m pretty sure most people enjoy the great Chinese food, which is also really cheap compared to western prices.

Office dinner at Sunny´s
Office dinner at Sunny´s

As I’m here for just two days, it´s quite hard to tell a lot about Zhuhai, the Chinese culture and people but as you can read I´am already impressed by the way China lives and thrives and therefore I can strongly recommend coming to China and especially to Zhuhai to see it yourself. What are you waiting for?

Why not come to Zhuhai to see for yourself what a modern Chinese city is like – Apply Now