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Introducing Zhuhai´s office intern – Kevin Kowalczyk

Hello fellas,
I’m Kevin, 23 years young, from Berlin, Germany and just arrived in Zhuhai, China two days ago. What am I doing in Zhuhai? That’s a really good question and there are several different reasons to answer this question. First of all, I´m doing an internship at the InternChina Office in Zhuhai.  I’ve already settled in with the team composed of Morgan, Sunny, Ivan, Henry, William and George and feel like I have always been working here. I am quite an ‘all-rounder’ and will be working in Sales, Marketing as well as Business Development and I’m pretty sure, this broad view will help me a lot for my business administration studies at the HTW Berlin.

The second reason why I chose Zhuhai or rather China, is that I’m really fascinated by the Chinese culture and furthermore by the Chinese people themselves. I´m really happy to can experience this new but exciting country first hand.

Like many people, I think China is the future and will continue to develop faster and faster. Therefore the Chinese language will also be a very important language besides English in the future. For this reason I´m also trying to learn as much Chinese as possible and what better way to do that than by living in China!

During my first two days I already experienced the great Chinese world. Zhuhai isn’t just a beautiful city, it´s also right by the sea and there is a lot of greenery in the city, which gives it a really good atmosphere. Of course it is hot and a bit sticky, but I’ll get used to it like everyone does! Moreover the Chinese people are charming, friendly and helpful. The only premise is that you have to be open-minded and friendly as well. A big plus is to know the Chinese basics, because most Chinese people don´t speak English very well or don´t speak English at all. But don´t worry, you somehow always find a way to express yourself!

The Chinese food – I can’t put it in words – just, tasty. So, so tasty. Maybe it won´t be something for everyone, but I´m pretty sure most people enjoy the great Chinese food, which is also really cheap compared to western prices.

Office dinner at Sunny´s
Office dinner at Sunny´s

As I’m here for just two days, it´s quite hard to tell a lot about Zhuhai, the Chinese culture and people but as you can read I´am already impressed by the way China lives and thrives and therefore I can strongly recommend coming to China and especially to Zhuhai to see it yourself. What are you waiting for?

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