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Korean BBQ Dinner and Students’ Round table

I cannot believe how fast time flies by when you are having fun. It has already been 4 weeks since I first came to Qingdao. During these 3 weeks, I have met new people and visited many interesting places around the city. Intern China organizes events every week and it is through these events that I have met new people. Last Thursday, Intern China organized a Korean BBQ dinner and 20 people arrived, which, was great! We ordered a lot of food (beef, pork, vegetables and Korean pancakes) and drinks (Soju and Qingdao beer). We all had a good time and there was even a drinking competition!After the dinner, we all decided to go to KTV (karaoke) since the night was still young and we all ended up having an awesome time! We got a big karaoke room with a big screen and everyone sang. The atmosphere was good and I’m sure everyone had an awesome time.

On Saturday, there was a traditional event called Students’ Round Table where all interns and locals come together and hang out. The meeting point for this event was in a hostel in the old town. There were many interns as well as Chinese people. We could drink as much cocktails as we wanted for only 50RMB for girls, 80RMB for guys and 50RMB if you come as a couple. In conclusion, we all had a great time and it was an awesome week! This coming weekend, there will be a party in our apartment and kung-fu class!!!!!!


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Still hungry

Thanks to this update, you will have nice love handles matching your beer belly!

地三鲜: (di san xian) potatoes, green peppers and eggplant
青椒土豆片: (qing jiao tu dou pian) green peppers and potatoes stir-fried
烧芸豆 : (shao yun dou) fried green beans
木须柿子: (mu xu shi zi) egg and tomato wedges stir-fried
木须瓜片: (mu xu gua pian) egg and cucumber slices stir-fried
烧荷兰豆: (shao he lan dou) stir-fried snow peas (usu. with garlic)
炸茄盒 : (zha qie he) breaded eggplant boxesw/ meat filling
鱼香茄条: (yu xiang qie tiao) fish smelling eggplant strips
茄排: (qie pai) breaded, deep-fried eggplant strips
烧茄子: (shao qie zi) stir-fried eggplant
蚝油生菜: (hao you sheng cai) lettuce stir-fried in oyster sauce
烧白菜: (shao bai cai) fried Chinese cabbage
六合菜 : (liu he cai) six veggies; bean sprouts,mushrooms, cellophane noodles, etc.
肉磨菠菜: (rou mo bo cai) ground pork with spinach
蒜苗炒肉: (suan miao chao rou) garlic shoots and pork stir-fried


麻婆豆腐: (ma po dou fu) tofu chunks in spicy sauce (little meat)
家常豆腐: (jia chang dou fu) tofu chunks in savory sauce
麻辣豆腐: (ma la dou fu) tofu chunks in spicy and numbing sauce
青椒豆腐干: (qing jiao dou fu gan) dry tofu strips stir-fried w/ green peppers


米饭: (mi fan) white rice
蛋炒饭 : (dan chao fan) egg-fried rice (usu. w/ a little veggies)
水饺: (shui jiao) boiled Chinese ravioli
锅贴: (guo tie) pot stickers; fried Chinese ravioli
馒头: (man tou) Chinese steamed bread
炸将: (zha jiang mian) noodles with a savory, spicy sauce
担担面 : (dan dan mian) noodles with a very spicy hot sauce
牛肉面 : (niu rou mian) noodles with beef pieces and broth
蛋炒面 : (dan chao mian) egg-fried noodles
肉炒面 : (rou chao mian) pork-fried noodles
混沌: (hun dun) wontons


西红柿鸡蛋: (xihongshijidantang) tomato and egg soup
菠菜粉丝汤: (bo cai fen si tang) spinach and vermicelli soup
青菜豆腐汤: (qing cai dou fu tang) tofu and vegetable soup



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I’m hungry

Sometimes, you have to order food and there are not always images on the menu or your Chinese is not that great (or lame in my case). If you are feeling lucky you can choose randomly but you can also use this short list of Chinese dishes with their translation and description.

炸花生 : (zha hua sheng) deep-fried peanut
五彩拉皮: (wu cai la pi) cold dish with glass noodles and veggies
拌花菜 : (ban hua cai) cold dish; carrots, cucumbers, peanuts, etc in vinegar and hot sauce


锅包肉: (guo bao rou) sweet and sour pork
糖醋里脊: (tang cu li ji) sweet and sour lean pork pieces
鱼香肉丝: (yu xiang rou si) fish smelling pork, a little spicy with some veggies
宫包肉丁: (gong bao rou ding) spicy pork usu. w/ peanuts & carrots
京酱肉丝: (jing jiang rou si) saucy meat on a bed of Chinese onions
排骨: (pai gu) ribs
水煮肉片: (shui zhu rou pian) Sichuan specialty; pork in a spicy soup base with some greens


宫包鸡丁: (gong bao ji ding) spicy chicken w/ peanuts & carrots
鱼香鸡条: (yu xiang ji tiao) fish smelling chicken
软炸鸡条: (ruan zha ji tiao) breaded, deep-fried chicken strips
辣子鸡丁: (la zi ji ding) very spicy chicken dish
铁板鸡片: (tie ban ji pian) chicken and onions on a sizzling skillet
咖哩鸡: (ga li ji) curry chicken (usually mild curry)
腰果鸡丁: (yao guo ji ding) chicken and cashews


铁板牛肉: (tie ban niu rou) beef and onions on a sizzling skillet
干煸牛肉丝: (gan bian niu rou si) fried, crispy beef strips; spicy
咖哩牛肉: (ga li niu rou) curry beef
孜然牛肉: (zi ran niu rou) deep fried beef with cumin
黑胡椒牛肉: (hei hu jiao niu rou) black pepper beef
红烧牛肉: (hong shao niu rou) beef braised in brown sauce

Enjoy your meal!


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Chinese Cooking Class

Hey everyone, this weekend we had a real Chinese cooking class in Qingdao. With 12 interns went to a cooking school, where the chef greeted us in big kitchen with our working places already prepared so we could start right away. We had to cook two dishes, which were both typically Chinese. The first one was scrambled eggs with tomato, which was quite easy for us since nearly everybody has made scrambled eggs before. Still it was really good and fun especially with the fire places which where a little scary on first sight. They were really big gas places with a huge flame when the cook lighted them. The second dish was chicken with some vegetables, peanuts and chili (which everyone tried to hide from the cook so it wouldn’t be too spicy). Cooking this dish was a little more challenging than the scrambled egg. We had to fry everything in the wok and constantly add soy sauce, some alcoholic liquid and of course- chili. After eating two dishes, everybody was so full (unfortunately too full for dumpling dinner in the evening). Even Rita, who just watched us cooking and then tried everything from everyone was full in the end 🙂

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Homestay in Zhuhai

Hello everyone,
Today I want to write about my homestay and my guest family in Zhuhai! It’s now 2 weeks ago that I moved to my guest family and I can honestly say, that I really enjoy living with my guest family together! My guest family has 4 family members – the grandmother, the father, the mother and their son, who is 15 years old. With me together we are 5 people and I am really feel like a part of the family, because they really treat me like part of the family, they worry about me and always show interest in me and in what I am doing. The mother ( I call her Jenny!) and her son (Chen Xu) speak English so that mostly we don’t have conversation problems. I also try to speak Chinese with all of them but I have to admit, that it is still not easy. The good thing is that they really try to help me with my Chinese – if I ask them something, especially Jenny, she always has time for me and my questions. The house of my family is just 2 bus stations away from the office and you can find a lot of different shops and restaurants on the same street. The location is really convenient and lovely.

About the living conditions I can say that I am really satisfied. Their house has 3 floors, which are nice equipped and furnished. I live in the third floor and have my own, big room with a separate bathroom, whit a bathtub inside. I also have a small balcony and the view from there is really terrific! Like you can imagine, the food, especially dinner, is always good and miscellaneous – I love it to have dinner together with them!! 🙂 Before I moved to the family, I didn’t have high expectations concerning the living conditions; I thought it would be a normal house, nothing special at all…
Fortunately I wasn’t right and I really enjoy living there, although sometimes I feel a little bit uncomfortable, e.g. when I arrive early in the morning on weekends drunk … But I think they know that this is what young European people like to do sometimes and therefore they don’t mind. Of course they want to know what I´m doing, where I´m going and stuff, but I think this is normal and we always find a way to arrange ourselves.

I can really recommend this family to everyone, who wants to live together with a Chinese guest family in Zhuhai! 🙂

Zhuhai Family
InternChina – My Homestay Family