Hello everyone,
Today I want to write about my homestay and my guest family in Zhuhai! It’s now 2 weeks ago that I moved to my guest family and I can honestly say, that I really enjoy living with my guest family together! My guest family has 4 family members – the grandmother, the father, the mother and their son, who is 15 years old. With me together we are 5 people and I am really feel like a part of the family, because they really treat me like part of the family, they worry about me and always show interest in me and in what I am doing. The mother ( I call her Jenny!) and her son (Chen Xu) speak English so that mostly we don’t have conversation problems. I also try to speak Chinese with all of them but I have to admit, that it is still not easy. The good thing is that they really try to help me with my Chinese – if I ask them something, especially Jenny, she always has time for me and my questions. The house of my family is just 2 bus stations away from the office and you can find a lot of different shops and restaurants on the same street. The location is really convenient and lovely.

About the living conditions I can say that I am really satisfied. Their house has 3 floors, which are nice equipped and furnished. I live in the third floor and have my own, big room with a separate bathroom, whit a bathtub inside. I also have a small balcony and the view from there is really terrific! Like you can imagine, the food, especially dinner, is always good and miscellaneous – I love it to have dinner together with them!! 🙂 Before I moved to the family, I didn’t have high expectations concerning the living conditions; I thought it would be a normal house, nothing special at all…
Fortunately I wasn’t right and I really enjoy living there, although sometimes I feel a little bit uncomfortable, e.g. when I arrive early in the morning on weekends drunk … But I think they know that this is what young European people like to do sometimes and therefore they don’t mind. Of course they want to know what I´m doing, where I´m going and stuff, but I think this is normal and we always find a way to arrange ourselves.

I can really recommend this family to everyone, who wants to live together with a Chinese guest family in Zhuhai! 🙂

Zhuhai Family
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