University of York


Qingdao, Beijing and Dancing Grans – Will’s GenUK experience 2018

Name: Will Pemberton
Nationality: British
Destination: Qingdao
Accommodation: Apartment
Programme details: 2 months, 3+5 Generation UK experience
University: University of York
Year: 2017

During his time in China, Will took part in one of InternChina’s organised trips to Beijing.

“One of my best experiences was going to Beijing, seeing these amazing works of architecture in terms of the Great Wall, Forbidden City and the Summer Palace. It was just so fantastic to see and so iconic of China.”

The 3+5 Generation UK Programme is a unique, funded programme that allows successful applicants to work, study and live in China.

“[The programme] has really helped me with the opportunity to be able to work abroad and be able to understand how a different culture works and behaves. This is really going to help me in my future career prospects as I’m interested and fascinated by working abroad, particulary in China”

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