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Pagoda Skills Courses


In line with our core value of inclusivity, we want to help improve the intercultural fluency, digital competency and employability of every student and recent graduate. We don’t want money to be a barrier, so our courses are available at whatever price you can afford.

We’ve designed these fun and engaging online courses for students who are looking to enhance their future prospects. Each course is flexible enough to plan around your busy lifestyle, take them at your own pace and in your own time!



This course is designed to provide an understanding of the importance of adaptability when dealing with intercultural communication in both the workplace and society. There will be a focus on the foundations of intercultural understanding and developing the individual’s cultural fluency, as well as various case studies focusing on Greater China, Mexico and Vietnam.

By completing this course, students will be working towards the following key competencies:





By the end of this course, students will have achieved the following:

  • Have created a written article examining the culture of a specific country
  • Have self-assessed their knowledge of intercultural communication and how they can improve management of these
  • Understand how to adapt this knowledge into the real working world through business-scenario case studies

This course aims to improve employability skills through self-awareness, skills awareness and enhancing career readiness. This course will equip the individual with the tools to identify their current skillset, understand those that need developing and transfer their skills to different job specifications using personal examples to showcase these. The aim of this course is to build confidence when applying for the next career step as well as provide a broader set of skills and attributes to ensure success throughout their working life.

By completing this course, students will be working towards the following key competencies:


By the end of this course, students will have achieved the following:

  • Have an improved CV and understand how to tailor this to different applications
  • Have created a basic template for a cover letter linked to their skillset and examples which can later be adapted
  • Be more self-aware and understand the skills that need to be developed

This course introduces the fundamentals of digital networking, digital marketing, and digital presentations skills. This course will introduce LinkedIn features and making the most of the LinkedIn profile, key differences and benefits between a variety of social media platforms, basic knowledge of SEO and SEM and techniques to improve public speaking skills in a digital context.

By completing this course, students will be working towards the following key competencies:

By the end of this course, students will have achieved the following:

  • Have an up-to-date LinkedIn profile and know how best to use this to their advantage
  • Have learned the digital marketing basics and will be aware of how to adapt content and SEO techniques to specific goals
  • Have mastered public speaking and digital presentations and will be aware of online resources that provide practice of these

This course is designed to equip all students and recent graduates with the basic skills needed when entering the workplace. There will be a large focus on understanding how to adapt from in-person to remote work in regards to productivity and time management, communication and the use of digital platforms. The course will also provide learners with the skills needed to identify their current skillset, recognise the skills they’re lacking, and provide actionable examples of how to improve these and meet employer’s demands.

By completing this course, students will be working towards the following key competencies:

By the end of this course, students will have achieved the following:

  • Have recognised the best methods of creating an organised and creative environment to manage tasks and time efficiently using CRM software, scheduling and other methods.
  • Have a clear understanding of how to communicate effectively within a professional team and have the basic skills to lead a digital meeting.
  • Have identified their strengths and gained an understanding of how to exercise these to the best standard, as well as weaknesses and the most effective actions to improve on these.



Click ‘register now’ and complete the short registration form, log in to your profile and click each course to buy access on a Pay What You Can basis.


Complete each course in your own time, saving any progress you make throughout the course.


Once you’ve completed a specific course from the range, you will automatically be sent a Pagoda certificate of completion for you to share on your LinkedIn profile and save for future use!


What are the skills courses?

Pagoda Projects have developed a series of skills courses set to encourage the development of student and recent graduate’ current skillset with the fundamental elements needed to improve their ‘work readiness’ for a post-pandemic business world.

The skills series includes courses focusing on Intercultural Fluency, Employability and Digital Competency. We believe this framework provides the learner with the agility needed for a global and ever-changing workplace, preparing them with the knowledge to communicate effectively within an international work-group or team, tackle the job market with awareness, preparation and confidence and have a strong understanding of the importance of ‘digital’ once they enter the workplace.

As qualifications remain a vital measure of achievement, a LinkedIn-ready certificate is provided following each completed course.

Why are these courses important?

Based on the Universities UK – Higher Education in England: Provision, Skills and Graduates Survey, ‘for both graduates of all levels and subject areas, skills and competencies came first (82.4% reported this to be a formal or important requirement), followed by relevant work experience (66.7%)’ when asked what mattered most when entering the labour market and attaining a job. Similarly, 87% of employers listed attitudes and aptitudes for work more important than relevant work experience, degree result and degree subject when hiring a graduate.

This coherence between student and employer views supports our framework in being able to provide learners with accessible skills courses that can be integrated into professional internships; this would allow them to achieve both the first and second most important values when attaining employment. For non-placement learners, these courses may be integrated into course projects or their own self-development actions, allowing the learner to practice their new skills in real-time.

University of Liverpool – Sustainable Global Experience 2022


New for 2022: An innovative, inclusive, environmentally sustainable global experience.

Students will develop key skills relevant to their future career, gain a global perspective and become carbon literate.


In collaboration with the Carbon Literacy Project, this innovative and environmentally sustainable programme includes a 5-night sustainable field trip to Amsterdam, and built in digital components to develop your employability and cultural skills.

  • Sustainably travel to, and explore an exciting new country
  • Deepen understanding of carbon emissions, sustainable living and sustainable industry
  • Increase your digital, employability, cultural and workplace skills on Pagoda’s certified online skills courses
  • Enhance professional networks by joining the Pagoda global community and connecting with sector experts from around the globe
  • Develop a range of transferable skills through enquiry-based Learning (EBL) including comprehension, analysis, research, evaluation & presentation
  • Group travel between London & Mainland Europe
  • Tours, masterclasses & networking
  • Engage with public & private sector organisations committed to sustainability
  • Accommodation in Europe included
  • Full on-site support from Pagoda
  • Carbon Literacy Training
  • Access to 4 Pagoda Online Skills Courses
  • Certificates awarded for each completed skills course
  • Join a global community through the Pagoda App
  • Join Pagoda’s Alumni Community



5-night field trip to Amsterdam, giving participants hand-on industry experience in a global context.
Careful designed to minimize the carbon impact of the trip.
Any carbon generated will be offset >100% through local gold standard offsetting projects.
Sustainability themes weaved throughout each component of the programme.

SUNDAYArrival & welcome dinner
MONDAOrientation & project setupSustainable city tour. Talk and Q&A with key private and public sector figures
TUESDAYTours & Masterclasses at sector-aligned businesses in the city/regionGroup project work
WEDNESDAYGroup project work and free time to exploreNetworking event
THURSDAYTours & Masterclasses at sector-aligned businesses in the city/regionFarewell dinner
FRIDAYGroup project presentations, feedback & reflectionDeparture

Accredited by the Manchester-based Carbon Literacy Project, you will receive Carbon Literacy Training and an official certificate on completion.

Carbon Literacy is defined as “an awareness of the carbon dioxide costs and impacts of everyday activities, and the ability and motivation to reduce emissions, on an individual, community and organisational basis.”

More than 1700 organisations across the UK and internationally have empowered their teams with the award-winning Carbon Literacy training, including the NHS, the BBC, and Manchester City Council.

By incorporating Carbon Literacy Training in this programme, we aim to equip you with a solid educational foundation and understanding of the importance of cultivating a low carbon culture, and how to action this in your day-to-day life.

In line with the programme’s core ethos, transportation during the programme will be exclusively via public transport or walking.

According to the International Energy Alliance’s (IEA) 2020 Tracking Transport Report, ships, planes and road-vehicles make up almost three-quarters of global transport emissions.

Urban and high-speed train is one of the most sustainable, long-distance transport methods. Eurostar’s high-speed trains are the most carbon efficient option when travelling between London and neighbouring European cities.

Travelling from London to Paris or Brussels via the Eurostar emits 90% less greenhouse gases than a short-haul flight, and 80% less in the case of London to Amsterdam.

We welcome you to take a look at Eurostar’s webpage on their carbon footprint for further details.

To reflect the programme’s core ethos, participants will stay at high-quality hostels, which both support and demonstrate sustainable and environmental practices.

Each of the destination’s hostels are situated in, or are in close proximity to the city centre, with excellent public transport links.

Throughout the programme, alongside the other components Pagoda will arrange for the students taking part some guided tours around the best attractions the city has to offer.

All entrance fees will be covered as part of the programme and the group will be fully supported and supervised throughout the activity from the friendly member of Pagoda staff!

The fun doesn’t stop there! Don’t forget you will have some of the evenings throughout the programme to explore by yourself, so if there’s something in particular you’re wanting to tick off, you can hopefully do so in some of the free time!

Pagoda Projects have developed a series of skills courses set to encourage the development of the learner’s current skillset and improve their ‘work readiness’ for a post-pandemic career.

These courses prepare the learner with the knowledge required to communicate effectively within an international working-group or team, tackle the job market with confidence and have a strong understanding of ‘digital’ implications of work. As qualifications remain a vital measure of achievement, a certificate is provided following each completed Pagoda skills course.

Pagoda’s app is built for communities and allows users to engage, share and communicate with each other whilst maintaining a high level of privacy.




In this two-wheeling city, you can parade Amsterdam’s top locations such as the Van Gogh Museum or the Red Light District. But, Amsterdam is more than what it seems. Currently, Amsterdam is ranked 5th in most eco-friendly cities in the world for workers. And it shows, with their many bicycles and canal rides. Amsterdam portrays a lavish life in a golden age city.


This is a University funded programme, with the only required contributions from the students to consider are food/drinks throughout the programme and a refundable £100 deposit.

University of Liverpool – Summer Internships 2022



Pagoda are delighted to be working with University of Liverpool, to offer our fully supported overseas internship opportunities, for summer 2022!

Students taking part will have the option of different global locations, hundreds of specific internships across a variety of sectors, and full support from the Pagoda team for these funded programmes.

Regardless of what destination, internship and sector you choose, Pagoda will support you before, during and after the programme, source quality accommodation, assist with the required visa and be there in-country to ensure amazing summer experience!




8-week full time summer internship.
Choose your destination, sector & host company.

Private accommodation, inclusive of all bills & Wi-Fi, on good transport links, sharing with other students on the programme.

Visa processing and comprehensive travel/medical insurance as an optional extra.

Airport pickup, transfer to accommodation, welcome pack & detailed orientation.

Regular organised events, trips & activities throughout the programme.

24/7 on-site emergency and general support from the friendly Pagoda team.

Access to Pagoda’s online Skills Courses to improve your employability, cultural fluency & digital skills.

Join over 4000 previous students in the Pagoda exclusive alumni network for future employability opportunities across the globe.


University of Liverpool have secured government funding to help their students towards the cost of completing this Pagoda summer internship programme.

There are several places available for those who are currently enrolled at the institution, with further funding available to help cover the cost of flights, visa and insurance for eligible students.

Before the programme, your university will be able to confirm the exact amount of funding you’re eligible for, what (if any) contribution costs to Pagoda will be needed and if there’s the additional funding to cover the flights etc.


Pagoda will be taking applications from students over the winter of 2021/early 2022, with the aim of providing confirmation and acceptances onto the programme by end of February 2022.

As travel restrictions being to ease and the viability of the programmes in each destination are confirmed, specific places will only be confirmed from March 2022.

Pagoda will keep you updated throughout the winter on the likelihood of the programme going ahead. Other than a small refundable programme deposit that will be requested if offered a place on the programme, there will be no further financial commitment or flights needing to be booked until Pagoda have confirmed what options will be possible.



Apply through the link below and we will be in touch within 24 hours. You will be asked to submit a video interview or complete a phone interview (your choice!) so your application can be assessed as part of the initial selection process.



By March 2022, the travel situation will be a lot clearer and Pagoda will outline what destinations will be available for the summer. At this stage you will have the choice to confirm your place or withdraw and have your deposit refunded, should your original preference of destination not be viable.



The internship programmes begin and Pagoda will have supported you through each step of the process. You will be greeted at the airport, transferred over to your accommodation and be introduced to all the fellow students from various universities across the UK who are completing a similar programme.







Choose from over 1,000 global internship opportunities, across a wide variety of sectors, company sizes and roles.

Our team goes to great lengths to source meaningful internship opportunities for our participants, with extensive vetting of each company. Our internships are enjoyable, high quality and align with students’ academic and career goals.

The process of securing an internship will begin in spring 2022, where you will be able to review the full position and company outline for the huge number of opportunities. You select which to apply for, interview direct with the companies and accept an offer of an internship from whichever you’re happy to complete!




The on-site Pagoda team in each destination sources and manages apartment accommodation for participants, in line with our accommodation quality policy.

You will always be provided your own private bedroom and any shared facilities will always be with Pagoda participants only. Female-only accommodation is available and provided at no additional cost, with all located on good transport links in secure area of the cities where Pagoda delivers programmes.




Our Student Support Outline gives a comprehensive guide to our support. 24/7 emergency support is included in every in-person programme.

Our local teams organise regular optional social, networking and travel activities for participants. This includes weekly dinners and weekend trips to fit around participants’ schedules. Our local knowledge helps students discover hidden gems and visit sites on a student budget.


Pagoda Projects have developed a bespoke app which is available in the App Store and Play Store.

The app’s functionality is built for communities and allows users to engage, share and communicate with each other whilst maintaining a high level of privacy.





Formerly known as Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City is the capital of Vietnam. This bustling city is the business and financial hub of Vietnam. With it’s classic French architecture, sleek skyscrapers and mixture of French, Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine it’s no wonder why millions of tourists visit the capital each year.


Mexico City is the capital and largest city of Mexico. The city homes 21 million people and stretches across 200 kilometers/120 miles. What began as the Aztecs home has now grown to become one of the most productive urban areas in the world. The city has become known through its colonial architecture, spicy delicacies and a rich cultural heritage.


The largest and greenest city in Germany. Berlin is home to historical events such as the Berlin Wall and the largest open-air gallery in the world (Eastside Gallery). The city offers fantastic transport, a lot of bridges and pooches; as Berlin was voted the most dog-friendly city in Germany. As the city of freedom and diversity grows, there is always something new to discover in Berlin.



Your university will confirm your eligibility for the programme before Pagoda finalises placement destinations in Spring 2022. Before agreeing to any overseas experience, your university will outline what contribution (if any) will be needed and what funding you will be able to access to help towards the costs of your flights and spending money.Pagoda Projects will be following government travel advice and we will keep you updated should any restriction changes affect your programme. In the event of a programme cancelation, your deposit and any other programme financial contribution will be refunded in full**. Alternatively, you will also have the opportunity to switch to a remote internship if an in-person programme is not possible and your university agrees to this format.

**Please note: As flight costs are not covered by the programme funding, Pagoda would not refund flight costs in the event of a programme cancellation. Therefore, as a precaution, we strongly advise that all flights are booked as refundable.Spring 2022.After finalisation of destinations and placements in Spring 2022, Pagoda will circulate a list of available opportunities. From there, you will be able to choose a position from our website, which can be searched by filtering by destination and industry. You can submit your application for as many positions as you like, as long as it is in your selected destination. However, you can only choose one company to proceed your internship with after various interviews with potential host companies.The deposit is £200 and it is a refundable sum of money which guarantees your place on our programme and covers your accommodation deposit. If your accommodation is left in the same standard as it is found, your deposit will be refunded within 6 weeks after your internship programme. See our Terms & Conditions for more details.Vaccinations will depend on which destination you decide on and what the relevant government and travel advice is at the time.

Once you have decided on your destination, Pagoda Projects will direct you to your GP for vaccine recommendations and COVID-related vaccine advice. You can also contact Pagoda for any additional information.Pagoda Projects will be here to support you throughout the entire process, including the visa application. Once you have chosen a destination, we will send the steps you need to complete to apply for your visa. The visa type will depend on your chosen destination.

IMPORTANT: To avoid any complications with the visa process, your passport must be in date for more than 12 months from your programme start date, i.e. if your programme start date is 20/06/2022, your passport expiry date cannot be any date before the 21/06/2023.Established in 2007, Pagoda Projects have over a decade’s worth of experience in successfully delivering international programmes on behalf of governmental bodies and universities worldwide.

Our internship and employability programmes have spanned over 20 destinations worldwide, and have welcomed over 4000 students and counting. We are confident in our team’s ability to deliver meaningful career developing opportunities to prepare the next generation of global graduates!Pagoda is looking to finalise applications over the Christmas season and in early 2022. You will know which destinations are available and which one you can choose from by Spring 2022.Destinations will be confirmed by Spring 2022, at which point you will be given the option to officially accept your destination before proceeding further. You may also be given the option of a second destination. If you decide not to accept either destination, you can withdraw from the programme and your deposit will be refunded. We will do our best to accommodate your needs and we will explain why any certain destinations are not possible at that time.You will be assigned your destination by Spring 2022 and from there you will be guided through our internship placement process. On average, our placement processing time, including company interviews, is 2-4 weeks. Therefore, your internship should be confirmed between April and May 2022.Step 1: Submit an application and secure your place on the programme by February 2022.
Step 2: Placement accepted and destinations to be confirmed by Spring 2022.
Step 3: Select an internship opportunity and complete the interview process.
Step 4: Book refundable flights, obtain relevant visa and go to your GP for vaccine advice.
Step 5: Ready to go!

Pagoda Projects will be here to support you throughout the entire process. We will keep you updated regularly and provide detailed information each step of the way.Yes, many! Pagoda Projects works with many universities from all over the world. Therefore, it is highly likely that other students both from your university and other universities will be participating in the programme across the same dates as you.Accommodation costs are covered by the programme funding. However, there are daily costs you should budget for, including food, drink, social events and transport.

It may be useful to refer to our blogs about budgeting in our various destinations, found here:

Use this link to find out the current daily exchange rates: short-term internships (8-12 weeks) are unpaid; however, our short-term internship programmes are university-funded where the cost of Pagoda supporting you throughout the process and in-country, along with your accommodation is typically paid for on behalf of Pagoda participants.Fully comprehensive travel and medical insurance will be provided either by Pagoda or your University. This is subject to review depending on the latest government travel advice, but no student completing any Pagoda programme will be able to take part without the appropriate insurance.