Lund University


Internship and Homestay experience in Zhuhai, China

Name: Alizée Ville and Alice Roberts
Nationality: French and British
Destination: Zhuhai
Accommodation: Homestay
Programme details: Homestay and internship experience
University: Université de Montréal and Lund University
Year: 2016 and 2017Alizée and Alice both decided to take part in a homestay with local Chinese families.

“It was great! I think we both had a great experience with the families.”

Zhuhai is a city in the south of China, and is nearby to huge metropolis’ such as Hong Kong, Macau and Guangzhou.

“[In Zhuhai] there are a lot of mountains and there’s a beach. So it’s really nice to go out and relax.”

If you’re interested in living with a Chinese family, learning the language and becoming involved with the culture, why not APPLY NOW?