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Vaccines For Vietnam – What You Need To Know

While reading this, you are probably getting ready for your internship in Vietnam and checking everything off on your to-do list. Aside from all the usual important stuff you need for going abroad- your passport, visa, medicine, and clothes, you need to think about what vaccines you might need for Vietnam. This blog is here to save you time and will be a helpful guide for you to get over this last step.

Vaccine - Get ready !
Vaccine – Get ready !

This is something you need to consider before starting your adventure in Vietnam, and while vaccines aren’t necessary, you definitely need to speak to your doctor to see what they recommend!

It is recommended that you speak to your General Practitioner at least 6 to 8 weeks before your scheduled flight to discuss any health risks or vaccinations.

It is not necessary to be vaccinated before your arrival in Vietnam, however there are some recommended vaccinations for your stay in Vietnam: Hepatitis A and B, Typhoid, Tetanus-Diphtheria and Measles if you do not already have them.

The boy who receives vaccination
A boy receiving vaccination


Ask Yourself

  • What’s the risk of me contracting a vaccine-preventable disease?
  • How long am I going for?
  • What will I be doing?
  • Can I be protected without a vaccine?

What Countries Say

For more information about vaccines, please check the CDC’s website or read some more information here about traveling safely to Vietnam !

Our team is looking forward to meeting you soon in Ho Chi Minh City!

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Vaccines for China: What You Need to Know

So you’re getting ready for your internship in China, and checking everything off on your to-do list. Aside from all the usual important stuff you need for going abroad- your passport, visa, medicine, clothes… you need to think about what vaccines you might need for China.
This is something you need to consider before starting your adventure in China, and while vaccines aren’t necessary, you definitely need to speak to your doctor to see what they recommend.

A list of travel vaccinations

It is recommended that you speak to your General Practitioner at least 6 to 8 weeks before your scheduled flight to discuss any health risks or vaccinations.

It is not necessary to be vaccinated before your arrival in China, however there are some recommended vaccinations for your stay in China: Hepatitis A and B, Typhoid, Tetanus-Diphtheria and Measles if you do not already have them.

Vaccines for travelling on top of a world map

Ask Yourself

  • What’s the risk of me contracting a vaccine- preventable disease?
  • How long am I going for?
  • What will I be doing?
  • Can I be protected without a vaccine?

What Countries Say

For more information about vaccines, please check the CDC’s website, or read some information here about travelling safely and healthily in China.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to China soon!

Zhuhai's July trip tp Hezhou


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About to graduate and confused?

May 4 Qingdao
May Fourth Square

Nothing is more daunting than the fact you are about to graduate and you have no concrete plans for the future. The questions that arise are; do I carry on with education and do a masters or do I take the plunge into real life by becoming a full time adult and start work as a graduate?? Well, that was my predicament until I came across InternChina. I applied for the marketing & business development position in the Qingdao branch and was offered the 3 months internship (yay!). Interning in China has given me the opportunity to gain great experience whilst figuring out my future plans!

Qingdao Coffee Street

On my arrival, I was picked up from the airport by one of my soon to be colleagues. She was incredibly welcoming and helped me settle in the shared apartment. What I like the most about the apartments in Qingdao is that they are graciously spacious yet have a very cosy vibe to them. My roommates are my fellow colleagues at the IC Qingdao branch, so it was great to be able to meet them outside of the ‘work’ environment. (I did find it rather humorous that each one of us were from a different European country, one Brit, one French and one German… it almost sounds like one of those bar jokes).

Qingdao Cafe
You think the coffee is cute? Wait until you come to Qingdao and check out the cafe’s decor, it looked like something out of Harry potter!

As I had never been to Qingdao before, my roommates took me out and introduced me to fellow individuals who are part of the InternChina programme but are interning at different companies. As we are all connected through InternChina it was very easy to get along and feel comfortable with one another. Plans for the weekend were discussed and I was thrown into the mix and was able to explore Qingdao with them all!

Qingdao Malatang
Ever tried Hotpot? Well this is sort of like that but the non soup version, aka DryPot or as it’s known in China, Malatang!

There are really cool cafes, bars and restaurants in China, so regardless of the city you’re in, you will always be able to find somewhere that is to your liking. The food is cheap and cheerful -some meals will cost you max 3 pounds (I can’t find the pound sign on my macbook sigh). Moreover, you can actually find food that is halal and great for vegetarians!

Essence Trend cafe in Qingdao
Cool cafe called Essence Trend in Qingdao, owned by one of our work colleagues!

Honestly, I have only been here a few days and already I have some ideas on what I wish to do once I get back to the U.K. It also helps to be around people from all over the world as it is a great way to broaden your horizon and learn more. So if you’re currently unsure and undecided, I would wholeheartedly recommend an internship (especially one in China).

To start your own internship adventure in China, apply now!


Business Development in Deutschland

Es geht los!! Nachdem die Semesterferien zu Ende sind hat Frank seine InternChina-Informationsveranstaltungen an deutschen Hochschulen begonnen und wird zwischen Mitte April und Ende Juni jede Woche 3-4 Hochschulen besuchen. Dort wird er unterschiedlichste VortrĂ€ge halten, in denen er generell versucht unseren qualitĂ€tsorientierten Ansatz zu erklĂ€ren, Hintergrundinformationen ĂŒber China und unsere StĂ€dte zu liefern, Finanzierungsmöglichkeiten zu erlĂ€utern, ausgewĂ€hlte Praktika vorzustellen und und und
. Auch hat Frank die letzten 4 Jahre in China als GeschĂ€ftsfĂŒhrer fĂŒr eine deutsche Fabrik in China gearbeitet und referiert ebenfalls ĂŒber China-Themen von Entrepreneurship bis hin zu QualitĂ€tsthemen in China. Generell gehen die VortrĂ€ge, die er an UniversitĂ€ten in ganz Deutschland hĂ€lt, auf alle Arten von China-Themen ein, insbesondere mit Personal- und Kulturbezug wie zum Beispiel „Firmenkultur in China im Vergleich zu Deutschland“.


Das Ziel, das wir uns bei dieser Initiative gesteckt haben, ist InternChina in Deutschland und spĂ€ter dem Rest Europas fest als Marke zu etablieren. DafĂŒr besucht Frank mindestens 3 UniversitĂ€ten pro Woche in den kommenden Monaten, um zu referieren und vor allem Fragen zu beantworten. Dadurch erhoffen wir uns zahlreiche Studenten zu erreichen und ihnen die Möglichkeiten und Chancen, die ein Praktikum in China bietet, zu schildern.

Langfristig erhoffen wir uns durch unseren qualitĂ€tsorientierten Ansatz die Branche der „Praktika-Vermittlungsagenturen“ ein wenig aus Ihrem Image der „Absahner“ herauszuholen, indem wir genau darstellen, worin unser individueller Service besteht, transparent unseren Bewerbungsprozess erklĂ€ren und klarstellen, dass man bei uns auch nur bezahlt, wenn man sein BewerbungsgesprĂ€ch hinter sich hat, sein Visum bekommen hat und dem Weg nach China nichts mehr im Weg steht. Wir wollen uns damit von anderen Agenturen differenzieren, die oft nur generell ein Praktikum in einem bestimmten Bereich versprechen und auf MassenankĂŒnfte statt wie wir auf individuellen Service setzen. Generell verstehen wir unseren Service gar nicht so sehr als typische „Agentur“, denn InternChina unterscheidet sich von anderen Agenturen auch hinsichtlich der von uns vermittelten Praktika bei internationalen und chinesischen Firmen in unseren „second-tier StĂ€dten“ Qingdao (Ostchina), Zhuhai (SĂŒd), Chengdu (West) und Dalian (Nord). Unser Ziel ist es nĂ€mlich, den Studenten neben dem Praktikum einen vertieften Einblick in die chinesische Alltagskultur zu ermöglichen, was ist in „westlicheren“ Metropolen wie Shanghai & Beijing schwerer.

Wenn das Interesse bei dir geweckt hat, dann Besuche Frank an deiner UniversitÀt:

28. April:
12:00-16.00 – FH Mainz – Praktikumsmesse, Infostand
16:30-17:00 – FH Bingen – Info-Veranstaltung zu einem Auslandsstudium in China – Raum 5-103- im HauptgebĂ€ude auf dem Campus “Bingen BĂŒdesheim”

2. Mai:
11:20-12:50 – FH Zwickau – WestsĂ€chsische Hochschule Zwickau – Vortrag wĂ€hrend eines Seminars

4. Mai:
14.00 Vortrag wĂ€hrend Chinese 1 (Song) – TU Stuttgart im Bau, 2 Zimmer 214, Schlosstrasse 26
16:45 Vortrag wĂ€hrend Chinese 5 (Katja) – Sprachenzentrum der Uni Stuttgart
18:15 Vortrag wĂ€hrend Chinese 4 (Hofmann) – Sprachenzentrum der Uni Stuttgart

9. Mai:
18:00-20:00 – Hamburg – Presentation Sinology, UnternehmensgrĂŒndung; Asien-Afrika-Institut, Raum 123

10. Mai:
15:00-16:15 – Hamburg – Fresenius Cambus Hamburg, Summer school Vorbereitung

11. Mai:
11:45-18:00 – FH WestkĂŒste – Internationaler Tag – Seminarraum S 05

12. Mai:
Hochschule Aschaffenburg – Campus Careers Fair

18. Mai:
12:00-14:00 – HS Fresenius (Campus Berlin) – Gastvorlesung Unternehmertum

1. Juni:
FH Frankfurt – International Day
FH Deggendorf – Tag des Auslandspraktikums

2. Juni:
Vormittags – University of Applied Management, Erding, Studententreffen

1. August:
EBS UniverstitĂ€t fĂŒr Wirtschaft und Recht

25. Oktober:
Uni Mainz – Vortrag wĂ€hrend einer Vorlesung ĂŒber strategic management, Marketing, Chinese Marketing und HR Management

1. November:
Ruhr-UniversitÀt Bochum, Messe Chancen-Ostasien

9. November:
10:00-20:00 – UniversitĂ€t Bremen, Vortrag in der Reihe “Quo Vadis” und Messestand zum Thema “Studium und Praktikum im Ausland”

Such Dir ein Programm aus, das zu Dir passt!

apply 7

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Neues BĂŒro in Mainz

InternChina ist nun auch offiziell auf dem europĂ€ischen Festland vertreten. Wir haben ein BĂŒro in Mainz eröffnet, eine Stadt, die durch die zentrale Lage und NĂ€he zum Frankfurter Flughafen ĂŒberzeugt.

InternChina-BĂŒro in Mainz
InternChina-BĂŒro in Mainz

Der GrĂŒnder InternChinas, Frank Lenhardt, zog mit seiner Familie nach Mainz. Dort baut er mit seiner Frau, Yi Fan (侀懡), die EuropaprĂ€senz InternChinas auf. Er hat sich aus einer Vielzahl von GrĂŒnden fĂŒr Mainz entschieden. ZunĂ€chst einmal ist Frank selber aus genau dieser Gegend, also ist dieser Schritt gen Heimat fĂŒr ihn eine Art RĂŒckkehr dahin, wo alles angefangen hat. Dem kommt hinzu, dass er seine Familie in China gegrĂŒndet hat und deshalb haben weder seine Frau, noch seine Kinder jemals in Deutschland gelebt. Also verbindet Frank Familie mit Beruf und wĂ€hrend er InternChinas EuropageschĂ€ft erweitert, zeigt er gleichzeitig seiner Familie die deutsche Kultur und wie es sich in Deutschland so lebt – und welcher Ort ist besser dafĂŒr als der, an dem Frank selbst aufgewachsen ist.


Außerdem spricht Frank von Haus aus sowohl Französisch, als auch Deutsch, weshalb er bestens geeignet fĂŒr die Erschließung neuer MĂ€rkte in Europa ist. Bis dato hatte InternChina nĂ€mlich noch keine Zweigstelle in Europa, was die Akquise neuer Kunden dort erschwert hat. Durch Franks und Yi Fans UnterstĂŒtzung vor Ort haben wir nun die Möglichkeit genau diesen SchlĂŒsselmarkt zu erschließen und dadurch die Bekanntheit InternChinas bei möglichen Partnern in ganz Europa zu steigern. An dieser Stelle kommt die NĂ€he Mainz‘ an Frankreich, wie auch die zentrale Lage in Deutschland und Europa generell gelegen. Auch liegt Mainz Ă€ußerst nah an dem Frankfurter Flughafen, der DirektflĂŒge zu vielen InternChinastĂ€dten in China und natĂŒrlich auch Manchester anbietet. Das kommende Jahr in Mainz wird also hauptsĂ€chlich durch Marketings geprĂ€gt werden, da Frank von Stadt zu Stadt von Uni zu Uni zieht, um fĂŒr InternChina zu werben. Es sind bereits 50 Besuche bei verschiedensten Instituten fest eingeplant.

InternChina-Mainz in Europa
InternChina-Mainz in Europa

Der Standort Mainz hat jedoch auch andere Vorteile. In England hat InternChina eine Partnerschaft mit dem sogenannten Generation UK-Programm fĂŒr Studenten, das den kompletten Auslandsaufenthalt des Praktikanten bezahlt – ein sehr verlockendes Angebot fĂŒr viele Studenten. Ähnliche Programme und Möglichkeiten eröffnen sich uns jetzt auch in Frankreich und Deutschland mit dem dafĂŒr notwendigen Standort in Deutschland; das macht unsere Angebote noch attraktiver fĂŒr Studenten.

Somit erhoffen wir uns mit dem neuen Standort Mainz mehr MarktprÀsenz in Europa zu erlangen.

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More than just a Group Program

In the beginning of March, InternChina had the pleasure of hosting 19 students from the German University “HS Heilbronn”. Since I started my internship at InternChina in Chengdu in the beginning of February, I was still involved in some of the planning and organization of this Group Trip. Therefore, I was even more excited to meet all of the students in person and have a great time with them. Finally, the day of their arrival came and we were waiting at the airport to give them a warm welcome.
Jessica & Jula

The welcome was really exciting (some of the guys literally entitled me as a Whooo girl – sorry again guys, I could not hold my excitement :D) and we had a great welcome breakfast and orientation with all of them in one of the most coziest cafĂ©s in Chengdu. After the breakfast, finally all of the Chinese host families arrived and picked up their new family member :). Everybody was really excited and nervous at the same time, but the host families gave each of them a really lovely welcome and made them feel very comfortable.



The next days were full of great and exciting activities in Chengdu. Starting with the daily Chinese classes in our partner language school in Chengdu. IMG_8005The students made great improvements and even presented some of their Chinese skills in the end which was so much fun :). Furthermore, we visited plenty of companies in Chengdu to give the students an authentic insight into the Chinese business environment. It was great to find out more about the differences in business between Western and Chinese culture and being able to ask as many questions as we wanted (Again, a massive thank you to all of the interesting companies in Chengdu)!

And of course there were a lot of fun activities to enjoy the Chinese culture and get a deeper understanding of the life in China. The Group participated at a Chinese painting and Dumpling making class which was a lot of fun. We went on a weekend trip to Mount Emei and climbed up 50,000 stairs within two days (hope this still goes under fun activities :)) and stayed at a Temple in the middle of nowhere. This was such an unforgettable experience for all of us. We never had such a feeling of happiness when we arrived at the Golden Summit of Emei Shan. And of course visiting the Research Panda Base in Chengdu was a great highlight for many of the students.

IMG_7273 IMG_7553 IMG_7854

I believe that this was an amazing time and that is was more than just a two week group program in China – It was amazing to meet all of you :). Thanks again to all of the students who made those two weeks really unforgettable :). It was great to have you and we hope that we can welcome many of you in Chengdu soon again!

– Jula     IMG_7664


Time seems to run differently in China

Do you know that feeling when you sit somewhere waiting for something, and the minutes feel like hours? But then on the other hand, you also have that feeling that time is running too fast. One moment you were enjoying something, time rushes past, and you wonder where it went.
I guess all of you are familiar with this. Usually you have both: time that seems to go backwards and time that seems to slip through your fingers. But I feel since I’ve arrived in China I never feel time that time is slowing down.

It still feels like I arrived just yesterday but on the other hand I’ve already met so many different and nice people and experienced so many things. There hasn’t been a day when I could say, it could have been skipped because nothing interesting or important happened.

It was only yesterday that we had a farewell drink with a friend who will leave China soon because his internship is now over. You can really see that China changes people. They become more self-conscious and their personality grows stronger. Also it opens up your mind.

Being away from your home, friends and family might seem scary on first thought. I thought so too. It was actually my dad who pushed me to go abroad. “You have to do this now you are young! Get the he** out of here!”. Actually now I am thankful he pushed me. He was right. (Dank je wel, paps!). Coming here was one of my best decisions yet. As well as going to Korea and Sweden for my studies last year. Once you have had a little glimpse over the edge and you see what is waiting for you, you cannot hold yourself back any longer. It is like a drug: once you have tried it you get hooked. I’ve learned not only about China, its different people and working life but also about myself. And that is what has made time just disappear.

One of my best friends from my home town was always struggling about whether or not she should go abroad. I know now that she will read this blog, so I want to tell her: “Move your a** abroad! If I am back in Germany in September or sometime next year and you still haven’t left, I will carry you to the plane myself!”

What I want to say,  in case you have not already done so is; go abroad, get yourself into uncomfortable positions and learn to adapt. The only thing that will happen to you is that you will grow with change. Before you really have the time to start missing your friends and family, you will be back home and you’ll ask yourself where the time went!


See you next time and ć†è§ïŒŒ

Gianna aka Gini aka 搉湜

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Stephanie’s Weekend in Qingdao: IC Beach Party

This Saturday was the day of THE beach party! I’ve heard so much about this event since I arrived to Qingdao’s office. I was really looking forward to seeing what it was like.

QD Beach Party: An Annual Affair

â€ȘSo on Saturday morning, the plan was to meet on the coast for a boat trip for only 9 RMB, But when we woke up, it was raining. The trip was unfortunately cancelled.

Qingdao Brewery: A German-Chinese institution known around the world

â€ȘA trip to Qingdao would not be complete without a Tsingtao Brewery tour,  so we decided to visit the beer museum to know more about the most popular Chinese beer.

IC Qingdao Manager Jack showing Qingdao some love

â€ȘThe place is amazing! You enjoy the great surroundings and atmosphere once you arrive. Tsingtao Brewery Museum, located East of ChuShuiShan Children’s Park and south of Taidong on Qingdao Beer Street, is China’s oldest brewery (1903).


Qingdao through the ages!

â€ȘThe museum shows the history of the Brewery, from the German ownership to the Chinese. It was very informative, and the samples of fresh beer straight from the production line were a great way to end the tour. It was a fun stop during our day.

IC Qingdao: Redefining the city's party-scene since 2007

â€ȘThen it was time to party! The weather could have been better, but let’s face it, no world is perfect. Luckily we had better weather than the last beach party. When we arrived the sky was foggy and we couldn’t see clearly the sea, but by the end of the evening we had the chance to see the fantastic view of Qingdao’s coast.

The beer pong arena distinguishing the champions from the pretenders

â€ȘLots of InternChina’s interns were present and we had a great time partying all together. InterChina’s team prepared some snacks, beverages, glow sticks and of course BEER for everyone. We played some games like beer pong, flip cup

IC Managers Phil and Jack

â€ȘAND some Chinese people joined the party and showed us how to drink, China style! To end the party, some of us decided to take a late night dip in the sea, the water was nice and we were surrounded by Qingdao’s awesome skyline… good times! In a nutshell, it was a great party and evening where we all had lot of fun and enjoyed ourselves!

Picture yourself on Qingdao’s gorgeous beaches? Why not come to China! Apply now or send us an email for more information.

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Summer School China for “Hochschule Fresenius“ (Germany) 2013

Summer School Hochschule Fresenius 2012

Since InternChina organized their first Summer School Program in 2012, one year has passed. After our first successful experience with a big group of 36 students from Germany last year, we have continuously improved the quality and standards of our services. Due to the positive feedback from last year we became the reliable partner for the coming years to Hochschule Fresenius (Germany) in order to organize and run their official Summer School Program in China.

Summer School Hochschule Fresenius 2012

The two months -Program consists of 3 parts:

  1. Travel & Culture Days
    We are going to visit the marvelous cities of Beijing and Shanghai to explore the rich Chinese Culture of ancient and contemporary China for 2 weeks. There will be plenty of space for rest and individual time for each participant.
  2. Language and Culture Classes
    From Beijing we will move on to Qingdao, where all participants will attend Chinese classes in the morning and Culture Classes (conducted by our experienced Foreign and Chinese staff) in our local Partner Language School.
  3. Internship taster
    Well prepared every participant has been placed in one of our partner companies to get first working experience in China. Companies are chosen from different fields and students have been matched to their preferred internship field where possible (e.g. Health Management, Logistics, Marketing & Media, HR, Consulting)

Accommodated are all students with either Chinese host-families or in shared apartments.

Summer School Hochschule Fresenius 2012

It goes without saying that all participants are welcome to join our weekend activities to get to know the city and Chinese Culture better!

Start of the program is next Monday, when the flight from Frankfurt takes off to Shanghai!

Our InternChina team is looking forward to welcoming you to China, Hochschule Fresenius!

For more info, check the following links:

  • If you are a university and looking for a reliable partner for Summer School Programs in China, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly on to get more information.
  • If you are a student and would like to participate in a tailor-made program, please talk to your university (Career department or International Office). We are happy to hear from you and your university. More info: 
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Introducing Mosche Orth and his Panda Adventure

Hello, this is Mosche. I am the new intern in the InternChina Chengdu office. I am 24 years old and I am studying Political Science in Hanover, Germany. Since I started taking Chinese classes at my university and I have always been interested in China (I watched too many Jackie Chan movies as a teenager!) , I thought it was a nice idea to get some real China experience, so I chose Chengdu because it’s not as Western as Beijing or Shanghai. I arrived on Saturday morning in this beautiful city of Western China. Well, what to start off with in China I personally couldn’t wait to see China’s greatest national treasure.  ItÂŽs not the Great Wall or the Terracotta Army (though I guess those must be fantastic, too) It is the GIANT PANDA!!!

Rain or shine pandas always make you smile!

Luckily, yesterday, the InternChina Chengdu team plus a local host family visited the Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding near to Chengdu, which is the biggest Panda research centre in China (and probably the world). Most of us saw these precious Chinese animals for the first time. I consider the panda to be a very cute animal; seeing the Giant Panda for the first time was a humbling experience.

Panda getting a bit too intimate with Mosche

Furthermore, we met the Red Panda (Shifu from Kung Fu Panda). Since they aren’t caged, we were literally able to have some body contact. Fortunately, it only tried to bite the Chinese visitor after me.

Master Shifu approaching!

Last but not least, we finished the day with a local culinary speciality: Fish head Hotpot. There is a not so spicy and a spicy version (a non-spicy version was nought to be found!). Since I did a previous internship in Singapore I am used to hot food, I dared to take the spicy version of the hotpot and it was delicious. The restaurant also offered an all-you-can-drink bar for free, making the combination of a delicious local dish and free beer a nice cap to my first day in China.

Hot pot: A lovely way to end our day!

To sum it up, thanks to the InternChina team in Chengdu, I had a great start in my new home for the next five months. I am looking forward to further great trips, challenges and chilly evenings in Chengdu and China.

Feel like exploring China’s national treasures with Mosche? Come to China! Apply now for an internship or send us an email for more information.