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InternChina- Travelling in Zhouzhuang

InternChina- Boat trip in downtown Shanghai

ZHOUZHUANG known as one of the (old towns)- which is located around 1 hour from the downtown of Shanghai city.  It is known as “Shanghai’s Venice”.  There are tons of shops, great sea food, and not that many foreigners (which is nice for Shanghai)- typically lots of foreigners in Shanghai.  It is very traditional and gave me the feeling of Chinese history… The only problem I faced in my entire trip in Shanghai was my tour guides only spoke Chinese… So my job now is to go back and figure out where I was and what is the history behind all the places I visited.  I read that the Fangsheng Bridge is a very famous attribute to this city- its meaning is “setting-fish free bridge” and is the longest and largest bridge in the city and was built in 1571 (I Google searched it)…

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Eating with Language Class in Lao Shan Overnight Trip

InternChina- Teachers and students enjoying lunch in the Lao shan mountains

Teachers and language students have lunch together while spending time in the Lao shan mountains.  They have to speak as much Chinese as possible but at the same time they are sight seeing, eating great food, and walking the beaches.  See our website for more information on our teachers!

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Qingdao International Forum on New Energy and Sino-German Cooperation Qingdao Summit

InternChina- Jamie Bettles visits the Qingdao International Forum

Top Picture (from left to right) Daniel Wildt (former intern who now works for DB SCHENKER-logistics), Jamie Bettles (InternChina- manager), Gerhardt Schroder (former German Chancellor), Oliver Trey (former intern- InternChina), Michael Tunbjer (DB SCHENKER-logistics).

In order to solve global energy shortages and increasing environmental pollution, countries around the world have invested large amounts of manpower and resources to actively develop new energy sources. In recent years, the alternative energy industry has been expanding while the technology has become more advanced. This industry is expected to become a new source of economic growth.

Shandong Province as a Chinese coastal economy is facing the dual pressure of accelerated development and the need of improving energy savings. These factors will lead to the imminent development and application of new energy. After several years of promotion, Shandong Province has developed and utilized alternative energies such as wind, biomass, geothermal, and ocean energy. To strengthen international cooperation and to promote industrial development, Shandong Provincial People’s Government and the Chinese People’s Institute of Foreign Affairs along with eight ministries and commissions will hold the “2010 China (Qingdao) International Forum on New Energy & Sino-German Cooperation Qingdao Summit.”

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