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Qingdao Eating Out Guide, Things To Do in Qingdao

Hi there from a New InternChina Intern!

My name is Tanja, I am from Germany, and I will spend the next six months in Qingdao. I other words, I will probably see a few of you at the beach, where we organize beach volleyball or little trips across the bay to silver or Golden Beach during summer.
What do I like the most about the city? Its Germanness! And I do not just refer to the Tsingtao beer here, which goes back to a German recipe from when Qingdao was a German colony. It might help that I haven’t lived in Germany for a year and a half now (I have travelled South-East Asia and then lived in Sydney/Australia for a year) and therefore are more likely to notice things. But Qingdao is just too cute! I love the tiny little alleys of old town with houses just like old German ones, the apartment blocks with their red roofs, and of course the old train station and the church right next to it. This city of over 8 million people feels like a German small town, and I mean this in every good way.

Pictures will definitely follow, I was just way too busy as there are like a zillion things to do: Dinner with the other interns became a real institution, there was the monthly student’s round table for all interns, their host families and friends (great opportunity to get to know everyone!), our colleague Leo’s house warming party, jogging by the seaside, and then there were two more after work events I will write more about soon. Anyway, this is where I have had my dinner yesterday:

InternChina – Paulaner

Real German food and beer at the pre-opening dinner of the Paulaner restaurant in the new Kempinski Hotel. It was too foggy to enjoy the view of famous Silver Beach, but that will only serve as an excuse to come back.


InternChina Staff Swedish Dinner!

InternChina staff Swedish dinner!As we were previously three Swedes in the office, we decided to share some of our yummy national food with our fellow colleagues! Philippe, who was visiting from Zhuhai, made a quick stop at IKEA during his trip to Beijing and got some of the food that we needed. Thank you Philippe!

After work the three Swedes skipped across the road to Carrefour and bought the rest of the ingredients before heading to the apartment to commence our Swedish cooking, Chinese style.
After battling with our blunt knives and our watery eyes while trying to chop onions, we finally had enough decent looking pieces for our meatballs. They don’t sell ‘stöbröd’ at Carrefour so we had to improvise with smashing up a baguette. It worked surprisingly well!

InternChina – Meatballs
InternChina – Dinner
InternChina – Kanelbullar
InternChina – Burned Kanelbullar

While the meatballs were cooking we ate some lovely ‘gravad lax’ on special hard Swedish bread, or ‘knäckebröd’. When the entrées were done, we immediately started on the long-awaited main course. This is what it looked like:

Everybody ate a lot and we got very positive feedback! This was nice considering at this point they had no idea what they would be eating for dessert…
In Sweden we have a special pastry called Kanelbullar (cinnamon roll). They are supposed to look like this:

However… due to our kanelbullar having travelled half way across the world, frozen, we had try try to cook them without an oven. Option number 1: Steaming. The result? Fail. Option number 2: panfrying. The result? Well… see for yourself…

Although it might not look like the most delicious thing in the world, if you scraped away the burnt bits they were actually quite tasty… or maybe the others were just eating to be polite…
Even though the dessert might have been a little over done, the meal was a great success and there were many smiles and comments on how good the food tasted. The leftovers were taken into the office the next day and everything was eaten!
We are looking forward to having another Swedish dinner soon!
The InternChina Swedes.

Qingdao Blogs, Things To Do in Qingdao

First Two Weeks in Qingdao

Hello everyone!My name is Sigrid and I have now been at InternChina for a little over two weeks. I study international management with international relations at university and after having just finished my second year of university at McGill, I am now doing a sales and marketing internship with the InternChina office.

My decision in coming to Qingdao is twofold; firstly, I wanted to experience something that was more ‘Chinese’ than the more familiar big Chinese cities. I wanted a proper experience in which I could learn as much as I possibly could about the key building-blocks that mould the Chinese way of doing business. My second reason, was because of the incredible opportunities which I will have in the future, not only in China, but all over the world due to the knowledge I will have leaving Qingdao in the end of August.
The cost of living was one of the major things that came as a shock to me. I had heard from others that the amount of money that would be spent would be little, but being here and experiencing daily Chinese life, I now realize how correct they were. With taxis, lunch, a beer costing a little over a euro, this place is paradise for a student like me!

Looking out of my office window and seeing this view;

InternChina – Office View

also reaffirms that this is the perfect and productive way to spend my 4 month summer vacation from school. I have sun, I have the beach, and I have an incredible experience that I will get to put on my CV and make me stand out that much more from my future competition.
So to conclude this blog:

Qingdao: Bring it.

Qingdao Blogs, Qingdao Eating Out Guide, Things To Do in Qingdao

Welcome Back Leo!

During these couple of weeks, everyone in the Qingdao office has been very excited and eager to meet Philippe and Leo from the Zhuhai office. I personally was very eager to meet them since I have heard a lot about them and only talked to them on Skype, so it was nice to finally get to see them in person. Yesterday, the Intern China crew in Qingdao went to have dinner and Leo suggested one Korean restaurant that served really good food, so we all went to find this place, which, we thought was still in business but apparently it did not exist anymore. So we wandered for about 30 min to search for this restaurant, which, apparently did not exist anymore. Well, also because we were kind of lost and could not find the right street so there we wandered back and forth but it was kind of hilarious because Leo and Yifan are locals, yet we were somehow lost 😀 However, the 30 min walk was definitely worth it! We tried a new Korean BBQ restaurant and we sure made the right decision! The food was delicious and they served a lot of side dishes (which you can order more for free).
Since Leo did not have any breakfast or lunch that day because his flight got delayed and he was stuck in the airplane for quite sometime, you can guess that he was really hungry by just looking at this picture of Leo drinking from the whole bowl of cold noodles!

We ordered a lot of meat 고기, vegetables 상추 and cold noodles 냉면. Soon after that, Frank arrived and he was also very happy to see Leo. The dinner was really nice and we sure laughed a lot that night! And also thank you Frank and Yifan who paid for this delicious dinner!

If you wonder where the rest of the Intern China crew is, I will give you a short update! Antoine and Stefan had already made some plans so they could not come, Jenny is in Zhuhai and Philippe was not feeling well that day (stomach ache). Too much coffee, perhaps? We at Intern China have organized a dinner for all the interns and since Leo will work in the Qingdao office from now on, I’m sure he is really excited to meet all our interns in Qingdao ☺

InternChina – Welcome Dinner
InternChina – Leo is Back