During these couple of weeks, everyone in the Qingdao office has been very excited and eager to meet Philippe and Leo from the Zhuhai office. I personally was very eager to meet them since I have heard a lot about them and only talked to them on Skype, so it was nice to finally get to see them in person. Yesterday, the Intern China crew in Qingdao went to have dinner and Leo suggested one Korean restaurant that served really good food, so we all went to find this place, which, we thought was still in business but apparently it did not exist anymore. So we wandered for about 30 min to search for this restaurant, which, apparently did not exist anymore. Well, also because we were kind of lost and could not find the right street so there we wandered back and forth but it was kind of hilarious because Leo and Yifan are locals, yet we were somehow lost 😀 However, the 30 min walk was definitely worth it! We tried a new Korean BBQ restaurant and we sure made the right decision! The food was delicious and they served a lot of side dishes (which you can order more for free).
Since Leo did not have any breakfast or lunch that day because his flight got delayed and he was stuck in the airplane for quite sometime, you can guess that he was really hungry by just looking at this picture of Leo drinking from the whole bowl of cold noodles!

We ordered a lot of meat 고기, vegetables 상추 and cold noodles 냉면. Soon after that, Frank arrived and he was also very happy to see Leo. The dinner was really nice and we sure laughed a lot that night! And also thank you Frank and Yifan who paid for this delicious dinner!

If you wonder where the rest of the Intern China crew is, I will give you a short update! Antoine and Stefan had already made some plans so they could not come, Jenny is in Zhuhai and Philippe was not feeling well that day (stomach ache). Too much coffee, perhaps? We at Intern China have organized a dinner for all the interns and since Leo will work in the Qingdao office from now on, I’m sure he is really excited to meet all our interns in Qingdao ☺

InternChina – Welcome Dinner
InternChina – Leo is Back