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Celebrating my Birthday in Chengdu

Growing older happens not only too fast, but it can also be pretty exhausting especially if you are abroad for your birthday.
My birthday celebrations started on Friday when I partied with some of my InternChina friends. We went to a huge club area in Chengdu where we enjoyed some free drinks with many Chinese people. Club-hopping was amazing but we were out till about 4am. So I was able to catch some sleep until noon the next day.

chengdu party
InternChina- Chengdu Party 

I was a bit surprised that my host-family did not wish me “Happy Birthday”. Later though it turned out that it was only a cultural misunderstanding. In China birthdays are usually not given special importance until your 60th birthday. Bearing this in mind, I was happy they ignored it since my 60s are still some years ahead of me. Although they did not congratulate me, they invited my friends to come over to our flat for a party. During the day my host-sister Sophie was preparing hand-made cupcakes, milk tea and biscuits as well as rearranging the furniture to make sure all my 20 international guests would fit.

party food
InternChina- Party Food 

It was not only a birthday party but also an International Food Feast. Every intern as well as every Chinese guest brought one home-made dish and we shared all the international food: Bangers and Mash, Chicken Wings, Spaghetti Carbonara, American Pizza, Schnitzel, Bratkartoffeln, more mashed potatoes, Chinese vegetables, fried Jiaozi and dessert. I totally enjoyed having all this delicious food at the same time.

dinner party
InternChina- Dinner Party 

After dinner someone started blowing up balloons. It was lovely and colourful to begin with and distributing them all over the room reminded me of childhood birthday parties. Somehow the balloons found their way all around our living room landing on people and food. Soon the peaceful party took a different turn when people started throwing balloons at each other. Thankfully no one was seriously injured during the balloon fight =).

balloon fight
InternChina- Balloon Fight 

After the party I skyped with my family in Germany and went to bed already excited for Sunday, when we had decided to see the Giant Buddha of Leshan.
It was a terribly busy but amazing weekend. Since I am leaving tomorrow I wanted to say goodbye and thank all my new friends here in China. Hope to see you soon!

birthday party in china
InternChina- Birthday party in China 

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Ben´s Birthday BBQ


生日快! (Sheng ri kuai le!) Happy Birthday!


Ben, a Chengdu intern turned 21 yesterday. Such a big thing: he is American.

Therefore, he has all the freedom of an adult now (though he would be alowed to drink beer in China since he is older than 18)


Ben with his host family

To celebrate Ben´s birthday the InternChina team & Ben´s lovely host family met to have a really nice Chinese BBQ. Ben´s host family was hosting the party and therefore we spend a terrific evening above the rooftops of Chengdu.


Chinese BBQ

The food was absolutely merit a 21st `birthday. We had a lot of local dishes, different meat, nicely cooked vegetables and awesome seafood. Nevertheless, I need to mention Ben´s German birthday cake, which was obviously very tasty.

birthday cake

Ben really enjoyed celebrating his birthday with his host family. After staying with them for 10 weeks, he really feels home here in Chengdu. Next to your internship you do in China – which is obviously nice for your CV – your host family and the InternChina team really become your 2nd family. Hence, celebrating your birthday in China becomes very special.

Spending an evening with three generations of Ben´s host family was a really good experience for the other interns as well. We taught Ben´s “host-brother” some more English and applied our new Chinese language knowledge while talking to Ben’s “host-grandparents”

Intercultural exchange

All in all we had an awesome evening and we wish Ben all the best for the future!


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Go Karting!! Beer!! And BBQs!!

We had a really good mix of activities last weekend, and I thought it deserved a blog! We had a night out at Ye Chao (the finest and pretty much only western style club around) to say goodbye to Natasha on Friday night, a BBQ by the beach for Anja’s birthday on Saturday and go-karting on Sunday! What a few days!
I’ll stick to the go-karting, which we would’ve never have found had it not been for the efforts of our awesome English-speaking taxi driver Yang Ji Chao!
We first went to the stated address of the place and I went inside the building to check that everything was ok before we were all stranded in the middle of nowhere. My crude sign language efforts at asking whether there were go-karts were pretty hilarious, at least until Super Yang Ji Chao again came to the rescue and acted as translator. It turned out that it was actually a driving school, and she understood that I wanted to take the Chinese driving licence test! We eventually found the place around the corner, and whilst it was really expensive at European prices, had a pretty advanced track which electronically recorded your individual lap times.
After a few laps we decided to test our track times to find out the ultimate pro.
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