We had a really good mix of activities last weekend, and I thought it deserved a blog! We had a night out at Ye Chao (the finest and pretty much only western style club around) to say goodbye to Natasha on Friday night, a BBQ by the beach for Anja’s birthday on Saturday and go-karting on Sunday! What a few days!
I’ll stick to the go-karting, which we would’ve never have found had it not been for the efforts of our awesome English-speaking taxi driver Yang Ji Chao!
We first went to the stated address of the place and I went inside the building to check that everything was ok before we were all stranded in the middle of nowhere. My crude sign language efforts at asking whether there were go-karts were pretty hilarious, at least until Super Yang Ji Chao again came to the rescue and acted as translator. It turned out that it was actually a driving school, and she understood that I wanted to take the Chinese driving licence test! We eventually found the place around the corner, and whilst it was really expensive at European prices, had a pretty advanced track which electronically recorded your individual lap times.
After a few laps we decided to test our track times to find out the ultimate pro.