Sustainable Global Experience™

New for 2022: An innovative, inclusive, environmentally sustainable global experience.

Students will develop key skills relevant to their future career, gain a global perspective and become carbon literate.

pieoneer awards 2022 sustainability international impact award finalist

Programme Info Session with Q&A


In 2019 we spoke to our university partners and conducted an anonymous survey. The results showed that we needed to provide more opportunities that are:

  • Closer to home
  • Short in duration
  • Lower cost per student
  • With a lower carbon footprint

For 2 years we’ve been developing a programme in response to these demands and the result is Sustainable Global Experience™. This innovative programme gives students from all backgrounds an in-person global experience whilst making a positive impact on the environment. The program is carbon negative with all carbon emissions kept as low as possible and those that are emitted are offset by 150%. Participants will develop skills to use in their graduate career, grow their global mindset and become carbon literate.

Phase 1 – Sustainable Field Trip

  • Group travel between Manchester & Mainland Europe
  • Carbon emissions offset by 150%
  • Tours, masterclasses & networking in either Paris, Brussels or Amsterdam
  • Engage with public & private sector organisations
  • Sector-specific focus, with sustainability embedded throughout
  • Accommodation included
  • Full on-site support from Pagoda

Phase 2 – Online Internship (Optional)

  • Innovative format with over 500 global internships across various sectors
  • Online events & workshops
  • 8-week duration & highly flexible working hours

Digital Components across Phases 1 & 2

  • Join a global community through the Pagoda App
  • Carbon Literacy Training
  • Access to 4 Pagoda Online Skills Courses
  • Cultural Mentorship – peer learning between UK & European cohorts
  • Access to a library of specialized online events
  • Join Pagoda’s Alumni Community
  • Pagoda Completion Certificate & Digital Badges


  • Build new, meaningful relationships by working alongside students from the UK & Mainland Europe
  • Provide all students with a hands-on experience in a genuine professional context
  • Deepen understanding of carbon emissions, sustainable living and sustainable industry
  • On average, 92% of participants on our digital programmes see an increase in their cultural fluency
  • Enhance professional networks by joining the Pagoda global community and connecting with sector experts from around the globe
  • Develop a range of transferable skills through enquiry-based Learning (EBL) including comprehension, analysis, research,
    evaluation & presentation
  • Reflect on skills development linked to Pagoda’s 8 competencies and successfully articulate these to future employers


5-night field trip to Paris, Brussels or Amsterdam, giving participants hand-on industry experience in a global context.
Careful planning to minimize the carbon impact of the trip.
Any carbon generated will be offset >100% through local gold standard offsetting projects.
Sustainability themes weaved throughout each component of the trip.


SUNDAYArrival & welcome dinner
MONDAOrientation & project setupSustainable city tour. Talk and Q&A with key private and public sector figures
TUESDAYTours & Masterclasses at sector-aligned businesses in the city/regionGroup project work
WEDNESDAYGroup project work and free time to exploreNetworking event
THURSDAYTours & Masterclasses at sector-aligned businesses in the city/regionFarewell dinner
FRIDAYGroup project presentations, feedback & reflectionDeparture

Online Internships

  • Students individually matched with an internship in their sector of interest
  • Over 400 internship positions, across a wide range of sectors available
  • Exposure to relevant digital platforms and remote working practice
  • Multiple global destinations to choose from

Progress Tracking

Weekly Check-ins

Our Participant Support team will maintain regular contact with participants based on their check-in content and ongoing feedback.

For online programmes, working from home can be isolating and challenging, so we make an extra effort to ensure that everyone is not only completing their programme-related responsibilities, but are also comfortable with their workload and life in general.


Pagoda Projects and our extensive network have developed a range of interesting and relevant events which make for an involved and exciting schedule.

We deliver at least one quality online event each week. Participants will have access to all events which cover:
Webinars and workshops with a focus on sustainability
Employability Sessions
Fireside Chats with SMEs
Health and Wellness
Cultural Sessions

Accredited by the Manchester-based Carbon Literacy Project, participants will receive Carbon Literacy Training and an official certificate on completion.

Carbon Literacy is defined as “an awareness of the carbon dioxide costs and impacts of everyday activities, and the ability and motivation to reduce emissions, on an individual, community and organisational basis.”

More than 1700 organisations across the UK and internationally have empowered their teams with the award-winning Carbon Literacy training, including the NHS, the BBC, and Manchester City Council.

By incorporating Carbon Literacy Training in this programme, we aim to equip participants with a solid educational foundation and understanding of the importance of cultivating a low carbon culture, and how to action this in their day-to-day lives.


Cultural Mentor

We feel that some of the most important benefits from an international programme relate to the interpersonal connections and cultural fluency developed during the programme.

We didn’t want our global sustainability experience to be any different. As a result, we offer every participant a cultural mentor specifically and exclusively to ensure they receive a valuable, rich cultural exchange.

Pagoda Skills Courses

Pagoda Projects have developed a series of skills courses set to encourage the development of the learner’s current skillset and improve their ‘work readiness’ for a post-pandemic career.

These courses prepare the learner with the knowledge required to communicate effectively within an international working-group or team, tackle the job market with confidence and have a strong understanding of ‘digital’ implications of work. As qualifications remain a vital measure of achievement, a certificate is provided following each completed Pagoda skills course.

Pagoda App

Pagoda’s app is built for communities and allows users to engage, share and communicate with each other whilst maintaining a high level of privacy.


We aim to take students from any background to the world through an innovative education programme. We achieve this through our 14-years experience in international higher education and through collaborations with other Manchester success stories; Padoq (who developed our technology) and the Carbon Literacy Project.

This innovative and environmentally sustainable 9-week programme includes a 5-night sustainable field trip to either Paris, Brussels or Amsterdam, followed by an 8-week online internship. The programme will provide students from UK universities with the opportunity to collaborate, and to complete an Enquiry-based Learning (EBL) group project, in addition to an 8-week internship with an international company.

Participants will finish the 9-weeks with a comprehensive skill set and network to better prepare themselves as sustainably-minded future global graduates entering the post-pandemic world of work.



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