NGO internship in Chengdu – Rosa

Name: Rosa
Nationality: British
Destination: Chengdu
Accommodation: Apartment
Programme details: 3 months, Internship and Accommodation
University: University of Manchester
Year: 2016Everyone is so friendly from InternChina  and willing to treat you as a friend, not just an intern.
Its been really nice to have been part of the InternChina family, even if it was just for a short while.
If you are considering doing something like this…. Definitely go for it!

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InternChina Hochschule Heilbronn 2 week trip to Chengdu

Destination: Chengdu
Programme details: 2 weeks, Hochschule Heilbronn Chengdu trip

Hochschule Heilbronn went to Chengdu for business masterclasses, culture and language learning. This video summarizes their feelings!

“There’s no highlight, because the two weeks were one highlight of this year!.”

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Sussex China Internship Scheme

Destination: Chengdu, Qingdao, Zhuhai
Accommodation: Apartment and/or Homestay
Programme details: 4-6 weeks, Generation UK Programme
University: University of SussexInternChina’s partnership with the University of Sussex China Internship Programme is a unique opportunity for 2nd year undergraduate First-Generation Scholars to apply to spend 4 – 8 weeks in mainland China, undertaking work experience.

“When I got there, I did not feel lost. I knew that there was a strong system out there to actually help us out”

Alongside the internships, InternChina arranges trips and activities to help participants to experience the real China, and get to know the city that they’re interning in.

“For me, the highlight of the trip was definitely the hike that we did up a mountain, trying to search for the source of a waterfall- but failed dramatically, and ended up swimming in this beautiful pool of crystal-clear water and it was genuinely like paradise.”

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NGO internship in Chengdu – Rosie reference

Name: Rosie Wigmore
Nationality: British
Destination: Chengdu
Accommodation: Apartment
Programme details: 2 months, Generation UK Programme
University: University of Sussex
Year: 2015Rosey spent 2 months interning with an NGO in Chengdu, Sichuan Province.

“I chose Chengdu because it was an opportunity to have a more traditional Chinese experience. China has a lot of large, international, quite glamorous cities, but Chengdu offers a little bit more traditionally Chinese”

InternChina not only helped Rosie to find her internship with Blue Sheep, but also supported her throughout her time in Chengdu.

“I would highly recommend InternChina. It gives you an opportunity to be very independent and take a lot of initiative and make the most of your internship standing on your own two feet. But there’s a lot of guidance as well.”

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InternChina reference – Audrey’s law internship in Chengdu

Name: Audrey Canova
Nationality: Swiss
Destination: Chengdu
Accommodation: Homestay
Programme details: 4 months, part-time study and internship experience
University: Universität Zürich & Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule
Year: 2016

Audrey decided to spend the duration of her internship with a Chinese family, as part of a homestay

“I wanted to experience life in China as a Chinese person, not as a foreigner, and to improve my language skills on a day to day Chinese basis, and not just from a professional point of view during my working hours.”

The family host foreign interns for several reasons, including helping to expose their son Micky to new cultures and languages.

“We hope Micky can get to know some different cultures of other countries. By being a host family, we can also learn new languages. Micky’s English has improved a lot, this is why we choose to be a host family.”

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Internship Reference of Joe & Melissa in Chengdu

Name: Melissa Pilgrim and Joe Cooper-Millar
Nationality: British
Destination: Chengdu
Accommodation: Apartment
Programme details: 2 months, I.T. internship
University: University of Sheffield and University of Sussex
Year: 2016

During her internship, Melissa learned many new I.T. related skills among other transferable skills.

“I’ve gained a lot of transferable skills and I’ve developed my communication skills. I learned a lot about using photoshop and WeChat.”

This was Joe’s first time in China, and after his positive experience he is keen to encourange people to come out to China to see for themselves!

“I’d never come to China before. I’ve learned to love it. I love it here now and I definitely want to come back![…] I’ve literally been telling all my friends “make sure you do [an internship] next year!””

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Andrew Harrison from University of West London at Crowne Plaza

Name: Andrew Harrison
Nationality: British
Destination: Chengdu
Accommodation: N/A
Programme details: 5 months, hospitality internship
University: University of West London
Year: 2016Andrew spent 5 months in Chengdu doing a hospitality internship. Alongside his internship, he was able to meet other interns from around the world through InternChina.

“It’s not just an internship, it’s a programme as well. So they organise trips in and around Sichuan Province, and even outside. You get to meet other English speaking people in China and socialise with them.”

The family host foreign interns for several reasons, including helping to expose their son Micky to new cultures and languages.

“The best thing about the internship has definitely been the freedom that I’ve had at work. Being so involved with all the foreign guests has meant that I have had reviews on TripAdvisor mentioning me[…] so I’ve had a lot of positivity from it and it’s been a great experience compared to maybe something that I could’ve got in Europe or in another Western country.”

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Bobby’s 2 month Internship in Chengdu, China – Reference

Name: Robert Weir
Nationality: British
Destination: Chengdu
Accommodation: Apartment
Programme details: 2 months, Generation UK Programme
University: Northumbria University
Year: 2017

Bobby spent 2 months living and interning in the capital of Sichuan province, Chengdu, which is famous worldwide for its spicy cuisine.

“I really like Chengdu.[…]Even though it’s Sichaun delicacies and stuff, everything from other parts of China will be in the city as well, it’s so big! So you get to have a taste of maybe Xinjiang or Beijing or Inner Mongolian food, so you have a huge variety here.”

InternChina supports interns throughout their stay to ensure that the participants can really enjoy everything that China has to offer.

“InternChina really supports everybody here, if you ever have any sort of questions,[…] InternChina will always be there to help. […] They also offer different events here as well, also stuff like Thursday dinners”

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Internship in Chengdu, China – Phoebe from Sheffield Hallam University 2018

Name: Phoebe Hurst
Nationality: British
Destination: Chengdu
Accommodation: Homestay and apartment
Programme details: 2 months, self-funded internship programme
University: Sheffield Hallam University
Year: 2017

Phoebe lived and worked in Chengdu for 2 months, where she completed a graphic design internship.

“Living in Chengdu has honestly been one of the best experiences ever just because the city is such a relaxed city, everyone is so friendly, and it’s also really super creative as well, which is really great for me”

Coming to China alone to do an internship can be intimidating, but thorugh InternChina you will meet other interns from all over the world who you can share this incredible experience with!

“It can be quite daunting. I think the first day was quite emotional but as soon as you meet up with all the other interns, because you meet them so often, you gain so many new friends and you enjoy everything so much more and it means you can share your experiences.”

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Chengdu skyline

Ross’ Law Internship in Chengdu

Ni hao! My name is Ross, I have already completed my first year of the LLB at the University of Central Lancashire. I have been studying Law in Preston for three years now, and I have another three more until I complete my degree.

InternChina – Company Building

I left the UK about a fortnight ago in search of new and exciting opportunities in China. I was selected and interviewed by a domestic law firm for a role which would require me to offer my knowledge of UK and EU law. One week in and I am absolutely loving it!

At my firm, I have been put to the task of preparing a report for the client who runs their business in a very complex and highly regulated market. They operate in multiple jurisdictions, and so I have had the responsibility of analysing law from multiple legal systems across Europe. I would love to tell you more about the research I am undertaking, but of course I am bound by a non-disclosure agreement.

My colleagues have been so kind and friendly to me throughout my first week. On my first day, I was taken out for lunch with my colleagues and was received one of the firm’s leather note takers. Going to lunch with colleagues is a regular occasion in the business world in China. Already I have tried a number of authentic Sichuan dishes suggested by my colleagues, including (very spicy) pig lung.

InternChina – Leather note taker

I currently share an office with my supervisor who I am yet to meet. As the firm has offices across the country, I have been anticipating his return from Beijing this past week. We speak frequently on WeChat, and he is looking forward to teaching me how to play Majong! One of my other supervisors has brought in gifts to share around the office on numerous occasions, such as mango jelly and mung bean pastry. Sadly, she has now left for her trip to America and will be sorely missed by all.

InternChina – Mango Jelly

WeChat is such an important social platform for individuals. It is used to communicate with friends, colleagues and potential clients. It is a little bit like Facebook, where you can make pages, groups, post photographs and updates. Also, because many of my colleagues do not speak English, they find it really useful to communicate with me as it allows them to translate from English.

The receptionist has invited me to try a different tea each day, and has shown me how to prepare it the Chinese way. Tea is a valued commodity to the Chinese people, it is the nation’s favourite drink and the Chengdu office is home to a wide variety. It is unusual given the hot and wet climate to be drinking a scalding hot cup of tea, but it does somehow make you feel much more refreshed than bottles of cold water. Tomorrow I will be trying a type of Oolong tea!

So far I am getting on really well with my colleagues. They have said that I am ‘very friendly’ and have been told that the boss has been ‘looking forward to [my] arrival for a long time’. I have found mutuality with my colleagues – they are impressed by my knowledge of Chinese history and politics and they enjoy discussing the BREXIT ordeal. They are also pleased with my open-minded approach to their culture.

InternChina – Chinese tea

InternChina has given me all the materials and support I need for my first week, including a SIM card, a travel card and even a personal introduction to the firm. The orientation was most useful for preparing for those nuances between western and eastern business culture well in advance.

There is so much more I want to share about the experiences I have had here already, but there is just too much to do in the little time that I have out here. InternChina regularly organises events for us whilst we’re out here, so I am eager to get involved with as much as possible!

Meanwhile, I will continue to share photos and blogs of this beautiful country on my Instagram account and blog page so please go ahead and follow that.

If you would like the opportunity to experience China, you can apply here!