Paid Placements in Taipei


Welcome to our ground-breaking full year paid placement programme in Taipei.

Alongside the minimum working hours required to accredit the placement, Pagoda Projects works to ensure placements fulfill academic requirements and workplace health & safety standards. You would be paid a monthly salary and receive unrivaled pre-departure and on-place support from Pagoda Project’s experienced team.

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Application deadline for Taipei – Ongoing

* Placements start and finish any time of the year, just get in touch with your preferences

* Salary during placement in Taipei depends on the amount negotiated with the placement company, national minimum wage is approx £500 per month.


To see a full list of our current available placement host companies, please click here.


Are the placements paid?

Yes. As with all Pagoda Projects programmes, you will know exactly how much you will be paid, interview with the placement company and confirm your placement before committing to the programme. The salary for Taipei placements will easily cover living expenses (rent, food etc).

Do I need to speak Chinese to participate?

This usually depends on the placement company – Most of our partner companies don’t require any Chinese language skills though.
As you will be living in Taipei for a while, we do encourage you to do some self learning of the basics though to help you settle in.

What is the application deadline?

There is no set application deadline, however, places are limited and will be arranged on a first-come, first-served basis

Which visa will I have?

For the Taipei programme you will be issued a working holiday visa. Pagoda Projects will help you register with the labour bureau once in Taipei also. All visa application fees are included in the programme fee and Pagoda Projects will guide you through the visa application process.

Is there a programme fee?

Yes, this is listed in the table above. The fee includes comprehensive support from Pagoda Projects throughout the placement, all visa fees, travel & health insurance plus much more!

How many hours will I be on placement?

Our Taipei placements are full time, so you will work roughly 40 hours per week. Monday to Friday

Which sectors are available?

We are currently offering placements in the Business, Design, Education, Engineering, Finance, HR, Hospitality, IT, Law, Logistics, Marketing, Media, Sales and Translation sectors.
We’re continually adding new partner companies and looking to increase the diverse range of roles we offer, so look through the listings again in the near future if you feel none of the positions are suitable at this time.

Thomas Hanlon
Nationality: British
Internships: Finance and Business
Program details: 10 month, paid placement
University: Sheffield Hallam University
Year: 2018



Taipei is the capital city of Taiwan, located in the north of the island, only a short metro ride away from the beach. The city is home to around 3 million people and one of the tallest buildings in the world (Taipei 101). Free wifi throughout the city, one of the best transportation systems and amazing street food… no wonder Taiwan wIns the top country in the world for best quality of life every year!


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