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3 Business Knots

Want to break the mould and create an impression on a new employer during an interview or just impress your colleagues with a new style? Try these alternative business tie knots to spice up your look!

Link to the full tutorial video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qTyFGjUE14

The Van Wijk

The Van Wijk Knot
The Van Wijk Knot

A personal favourite of mine, super easy to do and looks bad ass. It is suited to skinny ties but looks nice and cylindrical if tied loose on a fat tie. Suited to narrow collars.

Source: www.ties.com - The Van Wijk Knot
Source: www.ties.com – The Van Wijk Knot


The Trinity knot

The Trinity Knot
The Trinity Knot

This knot is a bit fancier looking so it might not be the best choice for super formal occasions. Events and gatherings would be the ideal setting, especially weddings.

It involves a lot of steps and is moderate difficulty, but if you follow the instructions then it turns out nice without much fuss at the end.

A real head turner!

Source: www.ties.com - The Trinity Knot
Source: www.ties.com – The Trinity Knot


The Kresny Hourglass

The Kresny Hourglass
The Kresny Hourglass

This knot was adapted by Mr Kresny and can be tied two different ways. In my opinion, if you are wearing a plain skinny tie then the variant with the gap in between looks good. If you have a tie with a pattern on then no gap looks by far the best. Try both and see what you think, it’s all a matter of preference in the end!

The knot is very easy to tie in theory but requires a bit of fiddling and fine tuning at the end to get it just right…have patience and it will pay off!

There is no step by step diagram for this rare knot so please feel free to follow the steps in my video instead, enjoy!



Stay tuned for more business lessons and tutorials…and maybe some more fancy tie knots!