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InternChina- Travelling in Zhouzhuang

InternChina- Boat trip in downtown Shanghai

ZHOUZHUANG known as one of the (old towns)- which is located around 1 hour from the downtown of Shanghai city.  It is known as “Shanghai’s Venice”.  There are tons of shops, great sea food, and not that many foreigners (which is nice for Shanghai)- typically lots of foreigners in Shanghai.  It is very traditional and gave me the feeling of Chinese history… The only problem I faced in my entire trip in Shanghai was my tour guides only spoke Chinese… So my job now is to go back and figure out where I was and what is the history behind all the places I visited.  I read that the Fangsheng Bridge is a very famous attribute to this city- its meaning is “setting-fish free bridge” and is the longest and largest bridge in the city and was built in 1571 (I Google searched it)…

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