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Christmas in China – sounds funny, doesn’t it ;)

As we can´t celebrate Christmas with our families at home this year, we thought of doing something special to compensate the bitter taste.A little bit like women who get up for shopping and buy lots of things, if they are frustrated 😉
But it really worked…
Maybe I should go out for shopping when I feel bad from now on ^^

Yifan arranged a very nice and expensive restaurant for us next to the Olympic sailing center with real traditional Cantonese Christmas food. Just like at home 😉
We even got a private room. We felt really important 🙂
The service there was very good as well.
I couldn’t imagine before that they even have beautiful and big Christmas trees here in China.

InternChina- The dinner table in our private dining room
InternChina- Traditional Cantonese Christmas dinner
InternChina- The Christmas tree in Qingdao