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Weekend Trip to Wenshu Monastery

Wenshu Monastery

This weekend in Chengdu our interns took a visit to the famous Wenshu Monastery. Upon arrival, the beauty of the buildings stunned us. From the towering peace pagoda to the stunning halls, the architecture amazed us all.

Wenshu Gardens

Upon entering the monastery, you notice its layout in the traditional Chinese style. Wenshu is made of 5 south facing halls in a row leading up to the stunning main hall at the far end from the entrance. In classic Chinese style there was maintenance underway including this man precariously perched atop scaffolding on wheels using a jet wash to clean the beams.

Maintenance worker at Wenshu Temple

Having toured the grounds of the monastery we headed outside to an antiques market. Here we found old communist memorabilia, including the famous little red book,  and Mao-ist propaganda amongst other treasures. One vendor was sat outside his shop playing his guitar as his dog kept an eye on the passers by.

Antiques Vendor and his watch dog

After looking around the monastery and the antiques market we headed back towards the temple grounds in search of some food.

The Food

The surrounding area to the monastery is home to some of the most famous food in Sichuan. Not ones to miss the opportunity to eat, we jumped in the line of a famous restaurant. The restaurant was packed full with no space to sit. Upon ordering our TianShuiMian (this restaurants famous dish) we managed to find a spot to sit and dug into to this amazing delicacy. Our interns loved the sweet and spicy contrast to these amazing hand made noodles!


After sampling this delight we wanted more and headed to another famous spot near the metro station. As is the case with all well-known eateries in China, this place also had a queue out the front. This time we were queuing for Guo Kui. The menu offered Beef, Pork, Pig’s Snout, Pigs Ear, Noodles and other delights to fill this delightful pastry pocket. I personally chose the pig’s snout, which didn’t disappoint.

GuoKui in Chengdu

Having filled our stomachs with great food and our eyes with fantastic scenery we all headed off. On the way back we stopped by Tianfu Square, right in the middle of the city to snap some pictures and take in our surroundings. All in all a great day out!

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May Holiday at Shilaoren Sightseeing Garden 石老人观光园

Last week InternChina and all or our interns had three days off during the May holidays, so we decided to go to the  Shilaoren Sightseeing Garden 石老人观光园, which is located about 30 minutes by taxi from the city centre of Qingdao. The whole day was quite an adventure!

The first 15 minutes in taxi were ok, with no major traffic. Halfway there, however, there was a huge traffic jam and we couldn’t go forward anymore, everyone was stuck. Our taxi driver tried to continue but after 15 minutes he told us that it would take at least two hours to go there instead of half an hour…

It turns out that the right part of the road was being renovated, and the left part was divided in two, creating a huge mess with lots of stuck cars and buses.

We decided to leave the taxis and met all the interns on the side of the road, our question was: what do we do now? Should we continue on foot? Or should we go back?

As the beach was very close from our location, some of the interns decided to go there and enjoy the beautiful weather. So finally only 6 people stayed and we decided to go to the garden on foot.

We could see the temples and the garden from the place where we stood, so we thought it wouldn’t take long to get there. We had to walk between all the cars, we could see how a slalom event looks like at the Olympic games!

But we really had the impression that we were walking in the desert, lots of wind, hot temperature and lots of dust. It took us 45 minutes to arrive to the garden. We were quite happy… until we saw that we had to climb on the mountain to see all the temples. More exercise, bring it on!

It took us some time to find our way on the mountain but when we arrived on the top we could enjoy the great view on the sea and a part of the city centre of Qingdao. We could even see some monks who are still living in the monastery and we prayed in a temple, one of the monks said the prayers and we had to bow three times in front of three huge statues.

After two hours there, we started to walk our way back to the city. The weather was really nice and all in all it was a really interesting day. If you want to see some traditional Chinese architecture I definitely recommend you go there!

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