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Climbing in Fushan


InternChina- Rock climbing in Qingdao

InternChina- Adventure in the mountains of Qingdao

Intern China has rock climbing expeditions around Qingdao.  We do these with our interns and language students but we also book individual and group treks as well.  See below…  Please copy and paste the link and check out our services!

InternChina’s Climbing Website Click Here!

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InternChina News

Leo Makes the News with the Intern China Students!

InternChina-Our students making the news while enjoying the street barbeque

We made the news paper in Qingdao.  Intern China Students love the street barbecue because it’s good, fried on the grill, fast, and most of all cheap for the college students.  You can find them everywhere… Almost on every corner and it beats what I see in the U.S. cities with the hot dog stands by far.  We go out together as a group often (our language students and our interns).  Food always works and connects everyone together no matter where you are from.