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My trip in Xinjiang (Sinkiang)

I went to Xinjiang for traveling from september 18th till October 13 th. I was planing to go Xingjiang since long time ago, after my traveling, I can tell Xinjiang is really an awesome place! Beautiful natural scenery, nice people and great foods, gave me one of the best traveling experience.
If you never been to Xinjiang, you will never know how big China is! I took train to Urumchi from Guangzhou, It was taken me 55 hours , 3 nights and 2 days, But not so bad, I got second class ticket, that mean I could sleep during the long trip.

Before my traveling, I posted some informations on a website to find some people to travel together, finally, the had 15 people join my team, they are from all over China, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Suzhou, Dongguan… I think the best way for traveling in Xinjiang is rent a car or bus yourself with friends or follow tourist company, because Xinjiang is too big, we tried drove over 10 hours still in the gobi desert highway, but on the way, always good views, we even saw Przewalski horse(a kind of wild horse), wild donkey, wild goat….

For my long trip, the have too many stories, now I am just show you guys some pictures were taken by myself, I will write some details later if you were interested in it,haha 😉