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The famous Jimo hot springs

Hey all,
Just wanted to make a quick post about our hot spring journey yesterday. Was pretty nice, but sadly we werent allowed to take pictures there. So after we asked a slipper- and towel rearranging lady to take a group picture of us in one of the waterthingies, we had a security guard on our heels the whole time, just to make sure we abide the rules. Chinese really like rules, but for the mudbath we got an exception. We could go in with our swimming trunks on. But actually, the rule to go in the mud as god created us, wasn’t that dumb. My flowertrunks will never be as bright as they used to be :(.

Oh ja, we still took some pictures (which I will add later the day).

InternChina-Visiting the bath house in Jimo
InternChina-The InternChina team in Jimo

Oki doki, have a nice upcoming week and soon CHRISTMAS.

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Internship Experience

First week: Some impressions

Hi,now I´m working almost one week in the office of “internchina” and it´s like wow!!!
It is not very usual to get so much work and responsibility as an intern, but I have to say that I have got much work to do, but it is very much fun as well.
The work is mostly really interesting and the working atmosphere is brilliant. Everybody is working independently and nobody stands behind you all the time and is cracking your head 😉 and the most important thing is, that you learn new stuff every day and you can take much practical working experience with you, which is very important for all companies you will apply in the future to get a good job.

Next week Frank our General Director is planing to organize a trip to the hot springs in Jimo with all the staff including the interns and the people who are doing the language course. I think it will be much fun.
Anyway the pictures he sent us are very cool… Just have a look:

InternChina- Houses-in-Jimo
InternChina- Houses in Jimo
InternChina- Hot swimming pools in Jimo
InternChina-Waterslides in Jimo

And I just couldn´t deprive you of one thing…
You have to see the awesome view out of our office 🙂

InternChina-View from the Qingdao InternChina office
InternChina-View of the Qingdao Marina

Even now you just can´t imagine how it looks in reality ^^

Xiàcìjiàn (See you soon)