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Time to say goodbye!

Incredible how fast the time can pass by. First, when I came to Qingdao I thought that 3 month is a really long time… Now I can´t even imagine that everything is over. It was a great time and I thank everybody who made my time in China so enjoyable. Thanks to Intern China for the support and help in all matters and for giving me the possibility to make such a wonderful, memorable experience in this great country.
Yesterday Shoko, Franz and I had our goodbye dinner at a Chinese barbecue place and 25 people came to see us a last time and to celebrate the great last 3 month.

We met really nice people in this time, learned a lot about the Chinese culture and the language und finally found some really good friends and I hope we will stay in touch afterwards too. I would recommend such a stay in China to everybody, because nobody can imagine how many unforgettable impressions each single person could get here.
Now I know and I will come back for sure! So maybe it’s better not to say goodbye. I rather say “see you” !