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Christmas in China

Christmas is not a very public holiday in China because China doesn’t have much Christian cultural influence. However, along the coast and in the big internationally-influenced cities, it has been a big commercial success and a newly adopted tradition. In large cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou where a large number of expats live, and Western influence in greater Christmas has become more and more popular in the past years.
However, in smaller cities and countryside areas in China’s interior there are far fewer Christians and the people have had less contact with foreigners, so Christmas is sometimes a foreign mystery, especially for the older generations.

The further west in China the less Christmas is celebrated, with the exception of big cities like Chengdu and Chongqing. In the far west where a lot of Muslims and more devout Buddhists live, such as in Xinjiang and Tibet, Christmas is publicly celebrated very little.

Most Chinese people who celebrate Christmas do it without any religious attachment just as a happy occasion for get-togethers of friends, relatives, and couples.

How to Say “Merry Christmas” in Chinese !?
圣诞快乐 Shèngdàn kuàilè /shnng-dan kwhy-ler/ ‘Holy-birth happy’

IC team in Chengdu

our IC Team in Chengdu

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Maddy – New Intern in Zhuhai

Hi Everyone! This is Maddy! I arrived in Zhuhai about one week ago and I am going to stay six months, to do my internship at the Zhuhai office of Internchina. Some of my main tasks will be to take care of the social media presence of Internchina, as this is quite connected to my studies in Public Relations. Besides that I am going to assist my office team in their daily tasks.

So why didn’t I choose to do my internship in Germany? Why China?

Basically I fell in love with Asia at some point of my life (maybe 4years ago) and as I only explored Southeast-Asia so far, I wanted to get a new experience. As China is one of the world leading economies and is still growing so fast I think an internship in China will provide me with a good insight of the Chinese culture and hopefully also about how business is done in China. Besides that i think that working within an international team will strengthen my skills: work related and personally.

What did I experience so far? Actually, I first entered Hongkong and stayed there for 2,5 days before I set over to the mainland of China. It is really easy: You just have to take a ferry from HK China Ferry Terminal to Zhuhai Jiuzhou, which takes about 1hour and costs 220HKDollars. You can even check in your luggage at the ferry terminal (up to 20kg free).

When I arrived here Henry and Kevin picked me up and took me to my host family. One thing I immediately noticed was how calm and pretty Zhuhai is. There are so many trees, there is not a lot of traffic, most of what I have seen till now is very well maintained, etc.

So I am going to stay at my hostfamily for two months and well, what should I say? They are so sweet! My hostma already took me to a Taichi class, she even invited co-interns for her birthday dinner and introduced us to her whole family. And even her mother-in-law who can’t speak English always shows me things or helps me out (for example with the washing machine, no clue what those signs mean 😀 ). It’s a great experience and I hope to improve my Mandarin and maybe to even learn how to cook some Chinese dishes.

Dinner with Hostfamily and Colleagues
Dinner with Hostfamily and Colleagues

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