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QIBC meeting

Hello everyone!
I also finally wanted to write something on our blog and as I had a presentation yesterday about ‘HR recruiting & training challenges of SMEs in China – Cultural expectations and how to use them for recruiting and training’ and as Simon and Florian took some pictures, I thought this is a good opportunity.
The presentation took place in intercontinental hotel and there were 52 (mainly business) people listening. They mainly came from China, Germany, Australia, the US and it was a good presentation. If anyone of you want to know more about the content of my presentation, it will be uploaded on soon.  If you come to Qingdao yourself you will be able to join one of the wine tastings which follow every presentation of the Qingdao International Business Club which take place every week and all the nice food which you can see on the pictures (especially the little fruit cakes!)…

Hope to see you around and will post some more soon,