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Island Trip in Zhuhai

With 146 islands and 604 kilometers coastline, Zhuhai is known as “Hundred-Island City”. Here is a subtropical seaside city, if you like sunshine and ocean, This city is your best choice.
Last friday, a friend from Guangzhou came to visit me,he wanted to go swimming, then we decided to go to Outer Lingding Island, But when we arrived at the terminal on saturday morning, all the tickets to Outer Lingding Island sold out, then we changed to Dong’ao Island. We start at 9:10am, it takes 45 minutes by ferry to the island. The boat was also full.:D  Island trip is the best choice in summer,haha.

I also first time to this island, It’s really beautiful, eapecially the water is so blue and the beach is very soft. But when we arrive, we  took a walk around the island first, It took us almost 4 hours to walk around  the island. After that, we went swimming and enjoy the beach.

We left the island 4:30pm, but if you have time, you can take a tent over night on the beach, will be more fun!



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Hello lovelies!

Last night we all went go karting once again in Gongbei!  The experience was equally exhilarating as last time although I find myself lamenting the lack of propositions to engage in halotry – perhaps I looked considerably less desperate this time around.  Who knows.

Let’s do this chronologically, though.

Before go karting, we, i.e. myself, Jamie, Leo, Nicolas, James and Andy(Andrea) met up at Alain’s Belgium Beer Bar (A’S BBB) to enjoy a few bottles of scrumptious Belgian beer along with some over-due dosage of western gastronomy.  I had the most deliciously sweet beer ever.  I would compare it to … nothing.  Perhaps it is better described as what Willy Wonka would brew in his factory.  I can just image the fat German kid aka Augustus Gloop downing the illustrious Belgian brew from the quaint waters (beer?) of the alcoholic paradise candy river.  Yes, it was that good.

Most of us had a delightful pizza which was surprisingly lusciously toothsome.  Although a no-contender compared to a real, fresh Italian pizza, the pizza at Alain’s was, nevertheless, legit.

When it came to paying the bill, however, the tides changed.  Our favourite advertising/media firm Delta Bridges had a profile of Alain’s on their website and had a large image proclaiming that there was 30% off all alcohol from 17.30 to 20.30 EVERY NIGHT!  The discount, however, was seemingly nonexistent!  We pushed for it but the manager claimed that it was only valid for one type of beer.  NB: the ad said ALL alcohol. After we pushed some more, the cheque went down again but for an apparently random amount.

Brief review of Alain’s: delicious food, illustrious beer and lacklustre management.

GOKARTING, as previously stated, was wonderful.  It was Leo’s FIRST TIME EVER driving any type of vehicle and I must say that he managed quite well.  After the first round, Jamie was 1st and I was 2nd.  The second round, however, was a bit bizarre.  During the first round I had noticed that they were wielding the frames of some gokarts together and I was lucky enough to have the pleasure of driving one of these polished turds for my second round.  What a disaster.  The car kept spinning out and was just plain crazy.  Moreover, on my last lap, my brakes stopped working and I smashed into a barrier at the first bend.  Wonderful.

Damn you, polished jalopy turd.

A typhoon is coming to Zhuhai.  JOY!

Write to you all on Monday



PS – Make sure to check out the pictures along with the score cards from last night in the gallery!


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So, despite my “Crocodile Park” blog post saying that I was heading off to Macao this past weekend, I ended up going to 桂山岛 – Guishan Island, or “Turtle Island” with some friends. The island is home to (I am guessing here…) 500 or so people. It definitely has a small island/fishing village vibe to it. The beach was OK – it was no Sanya but it was definitely better than what’s here in Zhuhai! The beach on Saturday was bumping but Sunday we were the only ones there! A thunderstorm was rolling in late afternoon on Saturday but luckily the local police gave us a ride back to our hotel from the beach right before the storm hit! Now that’s rendering service to the public!! ☺
Saturday night was filled with delicious, fresh seafood – the best shrimp that I’ve ever had the pleasure to sink my teeth into along with some mildly inebriated karaoke. Although a Japanese import, Chinese girls have an insatiable hunger for karaoke that leaves you drunk and with ringing ears come last call.
Sunday we woke up, had breakfast, bought some random foodstuffs at the local general store and headed over to the beach. I lost my goggles. ‘Twas beyond heartbreaking.
At about 16.30 we had to depart from the illustrious Turtle Island and head back to Zhuhai.
Looking for cheap flights to go somewhere next weekend so expect something good come next Monday!


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Go-karting à la Chinoise

Salut mes tendres chouchous,
Wednesday evening a group of us interns as well as Jamie, Jamie’s FIANCÉE Helen along with Jamie’s brother and his girlfriend got together for some real Guangdong gastronomy in Gongbei, the area of Zhuhai that borders the mythical SAR of Macau.
After some good food and 啤酒 (beer – TSINGDAO) we made the short trek over to the UNDERGROUND GO KART PARADISE. During our pilgrimage over the go kart paradise, I was fortunate enough to have been offered the chance to partake in the economy of the world’s oldest profession. Needless to say, I declined as the underground paradise of go karts was awaiting me!
The entrance to the go karting place was definitely sketchy; we had to walk down this hot, grimy corridor with some random businesses until we got into the go kart area. The waiting area/lounge was veritably kitschy in the best way possible. The plush sofas with some padding missing in prints ranging from a luxurious purple to a lavish cheetah print definitely set the mood. The plastic vines and leaves overhead reminded me of the time that I lived in the Amazon with the Pirahã people….NOSTALGIA.
The go kart course was amazing. It was a converted underground car park with these little go karts RIPPING through the course. Before getting onto the course and watching others drive, we all said that we probably wouldn’t be going THAT fast. After the first lap, however, we found ourselves in an ecstasy of speed-driven adrenaline pumping through our blood streams. After the first round, we were all smiles and giggling, recounting our crashes and victory moments, i.e. when we overtook Jamie 😉
A good time was had by all.




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Arrival in Zhuhai

InternChina- Gongbei District in Zhuhai

Hello everyone! / 你好!

I am Michæl and I am one of the new interns at the InternChina office in Zhuhai.  I just arrived here 2 nights ago.  I am originally from Boston but currently live in Montréal for university.  Door-to-door the voyage took me 26 hours – not too bad considering that I have essentially traversed the planet!

My host family is great and I have high hopes for what this experience can bring. While having a great degree of familiarity with many Indo-European languages, I am finding it of little utility here in China!  I am slowly learning some Mandarin and hope to have functional fluency by the time I leave.

Zhuhai is a beautiful city located along the coast,bordering Macao SAR and  just a 50 minute ferry ride from Hong Kong SAR, it is definitely a good place to be!

I’ve attached a photo I found on Flickr of the Gongbei district in Zhuhai.



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Trip to Zhongshan

Hey everybody,
my name is Isabel and I’m the new intern in Zhuhai. Surrounded by some very nice polite guys (I’m the only girl in the office…:-)) , I preferred to have a real tough trip to Zhongshan the last weekend, to get a change from daily office life. No, I’m joking…;-) Because I’m leaving Zhuhai under 2 weeks, I just wanted to collect some more impressions of China. You are probably asking yourselves, where  Zhongshan is located and why go to that city. Zhongshan is only 70 minutes far from Zhuhai and I’ve heard a lot about this beautiful city before. (On the detail of the map you can have a look)

InternChina-Zhongshan Day Trip Location
InternChina- Zhongshan day trip location

As it happens, I met accidentally Jamie and his girlfriend Helen at the bus station in Gongbei. They just stood behind me in the line for buying the bus tickets and because of killing two birds with one stone, we decided to go together to Zhongshan. When we arrived, we were all a little bit disorientated and not really sure what the ‘must see’ sights were. But fortunately Helen had a map of Zhongshan and so we started to walk around with the aim to get to a nice park. After we walked through a pretty pedestrian street with some old houses (ore maybe they just have an antique look and are not really old) we started to get lost. We finally arrived to the park but in the end we discovered that this park wasn’t the right one. We were a little bit confused but after a while, we found the park in which we actually wanted to go.

On the top of the park is a tower and if you want to reach it, you can easily get the impression you have to climb a mountain. 🙂 Because of the immense effort we had a lot of appetite and we decided to find a good restaurant where we can also have beer. We didn’t know that this would be our next challenge. (If you ever have in mind to go to Zhongshan and to have a good meal there, ask Jamie before) After we meandered, we found in the end a real good restaurant and we had a lot of delicious dishes.

I can absolutely recommend Zhongshan for a one day trip and if you go there have fun! 🙂