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Social Networks in China

By Max
You might be aware that Facebook and Twitter do not work so well here in China without the help of a VPN (Virtual Private Network). So have you ever wondered how Chinese people do social networking and how you are going to survive your days in China without your usual dose of social media?

Fortunately, there are indeed tons of social media platforms you can sign up to to make your social life more colorful in China. RenRen and Weibo are good substitutes for Facebook and Twitter. They have similar looks and almost the same functions.  And more than that, RenRen has a function that most Facebook users may desire: RenRen can actually show you who your recent visitors are. Cool, no?

Image source: USC Annenberg China Media

Besides RenRen and Weibo, there are a couple of other mobile apps you might like to know about: WeChat and MoMo! They are good substitutes for WhatsApp Messenger. But they are also more than that. Aside from sending messages to your friends for free, they have an amazing function with which you can always find other users near you. So, literally, you can try to make friends with everyone. Life is never going to be dull.

Image source: Ftech Blog

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Qingdao InternChina Events

Something fishy going on?

Something fishy going on? I hope so for the 60 yuan entrance fee!…. Intern China Underwater world trip!

During the long break of Chinese new year I awoke one morning to the sound of the seagulls and knew it was time to go to the Underwater world with our great bunch of interns! Actually I was woken up by stupid fireworks but that’s not as fitting.


Now we fast forward through the next part of meeting and getting a bus to the attraction.


Luckily the tickets were pretty much half price due to Chinese new year but I was still expecting a lot for my 60 kuai..

InternChina – Ticket

Upon entering, first I think was the test tube exhibition room where everything looked like that scene from Alien resurrection (spoiler alert!)…. Just see for yourself!

InternChina – Allien

The one on the left is underwater world.

Then we moved onto the polar animal room, which was a taxidermists paradise. Quite cool to see these types of animals up close in person, I may have gotten a little too close to some…

InternChina – Trip

We then moved onto the whale house! Some of the group were trembling in anticipation to see this great spectacle under one roof! Bustling with excitement we entered…. To be greeted by a possibly fake arrangement of bones to look loosely like a large whale, there could have been other things in the room but we were so deflated we just moved on to see something actually swimming.

InternChina – Shark Attack

Pausing for a moment to take a great group picture.

In true Chinese style, the first thing living which we saw was a Bastard fish… no seriously, im not just upset about the whale still, it actually was a Bastard fish –


After an array of other sealife we came to the main event… the underwater tunnel!


This is a tunnel, underwater! Led through by slow moving conveyor, we gazed at all of the cool fishies including sharks, huge rays and naturally… turtles in lucky jackets!

InternChina – Turtle

I must admit.. this part of the tour was worth the entrance fee alone.


The next part we got to see the world’s largest cylindrical aquarium –

InternChina – Aquarium

The final part of the trip was in the fresh water area, where we saw, crocodiles, jellyfish etc. Everything was all good and in order here.


When we left the building I had seen so many fish that I couldn’t wait to get home and have a big fish supper… so I blame myself that we hadn’t noticed that there was 2 other areas to Underwater world where we could have gone with our ticket. Sorry guys… the next trip to underwater world will be three times as long…



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