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Online Shopping in China

If you stay in China for a longer time you definitely want to buy some stuff. As we are in the first 21st century online shopping is a big thing. Today, we show you how to buy things online
There’s a saying in Chinese: 林子大了什么鸟都有 (In a huge forest there are all kinds of birds.) Taobao is one of the biggest online C2C online-shop in China, from there you will definitely find things which are much cheaper and maybe will surprise you, not just because of the price.

Registration on Taobao

Get to the Taobao registration page follow the steps as follows

Step 1: It’s pretty standard procedure if you are familliar with register on any website. Fill out your username / password / password again / then the read the code click 提交

Step 2: fill in your chinese mobile click 提交

InternChina- Taobao Registration

Step 3:
Fill in your verification number in the pop-up window.

InternChina- Step 3 of registering for Taobao

Step 4: Now you are officially registered.

How to buy a Taobao Recharge Card?
Step 1: At the Post Office
When you get to the Post Office, head towards the window called Postal Business Service. Ask for WANG HUI E (网汇E)

Step 2: Fill out the form

You just need to fill out the green area!

InternChina- Wang Hui E Form

Let’s take a closer look

InternChina- Wang Hui E Form in English

 Chinese Name:
It’s not very relevant for the online recharge, you can write in any name, just make sure the attendant can read it.
Chinese Address:
It’s also not important, maybe you can find anything from a business card and don’t forget the zip code.

 Your Pin Number – Remember It!
The Post Office attendant will type your info into the system and give you a keypad to enter a six-digit pin number. Then you will be asked to enter it again on the keypad, to confirm. Choose any number. And remember it! You will need it later.
 Your Receipt
When that is done, you will receive a small slip of paper. Don’t lose it! The next step is back on the Taobao website to add the money to your account. You will need to the number highlighted here in green, as well as the six-digit pin number that you typed.

How to charge online:

Step 1: enter: and log in:


Step 2: click the green box and get into Alipay

InternChina- Using Alipay on Taobao


InternChina-Follow these instructions


InternChina- Success!

Step 3: get your receipt from the post office and click the green box to type in the recharge details

When you do an internship in China, online shopping will be really easy for you!