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Guide to Chengdu´s Nightlife I

Chengdu is a really vibrant and energetic city, that offers you the opportunity to experience the fast-growing modern China as well as the mythical ancient China while doing an internship in a company or take part in our language classes here. Apart from that there is also a really diverse nightlife that caters for all different tastes of music, beer and atmosphere. In fact Chengdu is meant to have the highest density of clubs and bars per capita in China.

Living in Chengdu for more than 4 months now, I had the chance to do in depth research into Chengdu’s nightlife and want to share my insights with you. Since there are so many places to go to, I will split it up in two blogs in which I try to give you an overview of the bars in the different city areas – but this list is far from complete.

Yu Lin (玉林)

Yu Lin is a traditional local living area in the city centre, which fortunately has been spared by the recent building boom and has a really nice and relaxed vibe to it. You can find hundreds of little eateries that offer delicious food to very affordable prices. Additionally Yu Lin boasts a wide range of small bars with regular live music from local and foreign artist. Places to go

  Machupichu (马丘比丘): a small and chilled bar hidden in a side street off Yu Lin Nan Lu (玉林南路) with live music on the weekends. When I asked the Dutch owner why he chose the name he said, because like the ancient Inca town, his bar is small and hard to find 😉

Little Bar (小酒) old & new: with two locations in Yu Lin, this bar is a one of the oldest establishments in Chengdu. The old branch is really relaxed place where you can have a beer with friends and mingle with the locals. Whereas the new bar is the bigger one of the Little Bar’s and has a decent sized stage and dance floor to host the weekly live shows.

 Tong Zi Lin (桐梓林)

Tong Zi Lin is the place where most foreigners live in Chengdu, hence has a bit more westernized bar and club scene.

Shamrock: This sports bar is popular which shows a lot live matches (rugby, AFL, NFL, etc.) and also
is the home base of the local Western-Chinese rugby team. Ladies night on Fridays.

Jellyfish: Very popular with foreigners (males) and Chinese (girls) alike, this is the place to work on your international relations. 😉 They have a new larger location in

Beer Nest I :- A great bar opposite the Poly Centre with a variety of > 60 beers, wines, whiskeys, cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks. There is a cozy upstairs sitting area with sofas and a lovely outside terrace where you can enjoy long summer nights.
The Beer Nest II (Bar and restaurant) :- A second Beer Nest? Yes! But in contrast to the first Beer Nest, this one offers imported and mostly craft draft beers and tasty European food as well. Additionally, this location also offers great events like their bi-weekly Quiz Night and monthly Entrepreneurship Meetup- how cool is that?

Jiu Yan Qiao (九眼)

Close to Sichuan University campus, there are various bars and clubs in this area. The surrounding street BBQ places are always good for a midnight snack after long night out.

Lan Town: Regular events with DJs from Chengdu and other Chinese cities playing a wide range of music from Hip Hop to Dub Step and Drum and Bass make this a place worth visiting if you are up for more urban sounds.

Muse: You can find a Muse in almost every major city in China and the concept is always the same: stylish interior, pumping sounds and the occasional dance show on the stage. Good for a fun evening and a couple of whiskeys mixed with green tea.

 Dong Men Da Qiao (东门大桥)

Hemp House (麻糖): Relaxed atmosphere with a big outside area to linger around with a chilled Beer Lao after work. In the evenings they have either live bands or DJs playing until late at night.

For event listings in Chengdu check out and

For more info and addresses in Chinese and Pinyin check out and

 If you want to join us in Chengdu check out our internship positions and apply now!

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1st Bar Tour in Qingdao

Hi everybody!
This is Stefan from Internchina Qingdao blogging. Some news to update you: Internchina Qingdao office is proud to present its first Bar Tour on February 11th! It was an amazing pub crawl well organized by Franzi for her very last weekend in Qingdao as an Internchina intern 🙁 Thank you so much for everything!
Back to topic: 15 participants divided in groups of 3 people (with at least one girl in each group to keep fair conditions) tried their best to be the first group in the last bar, in order to get the prize of free beer. We had quite a lot new arrivals these days so it totally made sense to let them get to know Qingdao’s nightlife and the new intern community. Despite the competitive character, the atmosphere was relaxed and – for sure – everybody had great times. Altogether 6 Bars were involved and had great offers of 7 drinks and snacks. For every Bar each participant got his Bar Visa stamped to make sure, no one skips a Bar to be the first group. Although there was not really a danger of people skipping drinks, which they would get for special offer . We started at Diner22 with a cocktail of our choice and some snacks to be prepared for the evening. The route for the next stops (Terrazzo, Old Jack’s, Charlie’s Bar and LPG) could be chosen by every group itself. However, except one group we all took the same ways, enjoying the drinks together. The variety of drinks we got in every Bar ranged from Cocktails, over beer, shots, wine and Long drinks. That night’s destination that had to be reached safely and with full stamp card, was Carnegie’s in Zhonglian Plaza. Oh and… well, guess who’s team won? I had loved to drink my winner beer but someone stole it!… The destination Zhonglian Plaza was of course also well chosen, since it is well known party area in Qingdao. For those who still didn’t had enough after 6 Bars and at least 7 drinks, there is Ye Chao Club right next door of Carnegie’s. Fortunately, everybody made it to the final stop without any bigger incidents.
The next Bar Tour will be in March, the exact date will be announced soon! Hard to top that pub crawl but we are working hard on it 🙂

Hopefully see you on the next tour then!


Stefan – Bar Tour Champion February 2012


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Shangri-la Hotel & Q Bar

InternChina- Q Bar Night in the Shangri La Hotel

On Wednesday nights it’s Q Bar night, the ladies drink for free.  Sometimes you can catch Intern China ladies having a few drinks and dancing.  In this picture from left to right: Vicky (Chinese native), Andrea (U.S.), Jocelyn (U.S.), and Jasmin (U.S.).  There are lots of foreigners and lots of beautiful girls including a host band that plays covers which include (Jay-Z- Empire State of Mind)… We have had some good times there.  It is located in the Shangri-la Hotel (5 star)- the finest in all of Qingdao!

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