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Beach BBQ

Hey guys,
last Saturday the Internchina people came together for Gong Fu 功夫 lessons and BBQ on the beach. Actually, it was the first day of what we may call „summer“. Over 20°, and the danger to get a little sunburn. For months we have waited for this day!

Teacher Pan gave us, together with Dan, one of his experienced long-term students, an insight in the Chinese material arts. Pan Laoshi has been practicing for more than 40 years and therefore is an expert for the real, traditional Gong Fu.
It was a great pleasure to learn a few moves from him. Check out the video, where Pan Laoshi and Dan are showing Gong Fu in Baguazhang style!

The dinner after our “hard work” was delicious, thanks to long preparations in Jenny’s new apartment and Fay’s and Nick’s professional skills on the BBQ ☺