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Island Trip in Zhuhai

With 146 islands and 604 kilometers coastline, Zhuhai is known as “Hundred-Island City”. Here is a subtropical seaside city, if you like sunshine and ocean, This city is your best choice.
Last friday, a friend from Guangzhou came to visit me,he wanted to go swimming, then we decided to go to Outer Lingding Island, But when we arrived at the terminal on saturday morning, all the tickets to Outer Lingding Island sold out, then we changed to Dong’ao Island. We start at 9:10am, it takes 45 minutes by ferry to the island. The boat was also full.:D  Island trip is the best choice in summer,haha.

I also first time to this island, It’s really beautiful, eapecially the water is so blue and the beach is very soft. But when we arrive, we  took a walk around the island first, It took us almost 4 hours to walk around  the island. After that, we went swimming and enjoy the beach.

We left the island 4:30pm, but if you have time, you can take a tent over night on the beach, will be more fun!



Things To Do in Zhuhai, Travel, Weekend Trips


So, despite my “Crocodile Park” blog post saying that I was heading off to Macao this past weekend, I ended up going to 桂山岛 – Guishan Island, or “Turtle Island” with some friends. The island is home to (I am guessing here…) 500 or so people. It definitely has a small island/fishing village vibe to it. The beach was OK – it was no Sanya but it was definitely better than what’s here in Zhuhai! The beach on Saturday was bumping but Sunday we were the only ones there! A thunderstorm was rolling in late afternoon on Saturday but luckily the local police gave us a ride back to our hotel from the beach right before the storm hit! Now that’s rendering service to the public!! ☺
Saturday night was filled with delicious, fresh seafood – the best shrimp that I’ve ever had the pleasure to sink my teeth into along with some mildly inebriated karaoke. Although a Japanese import, Chinese girls have an insatiable hunger for karaoke that leaves you drunk and with ringing ears come last call.
Sunday we woke up, had breakfast, bought some random foodstuffs at the local general store and headed over to the beach. I lost my goggles. ‘Twas beyond heartbreaking.
At about 16.30 we had to depart from the illustrious Turtle Island and head back to Zhuhai.
Looking for cheap flights to go somewhere next weekend so expect something good come next Monday!


Things To Do in Zhuhai


Ello ello everyone,
I went to a certain “Crocodile park” with my host family on Saturday. It was definitely interesting, although the novelty admittedly wore off after about an hour. There were monkeys, pigs and crocodiles. Quite the combination.

Afterwards, they took me to the periphery of Zhuhai and we visited a traditional Guangdong village along with a war memorial commemorating the British defeat at Zhuhai. Mind you, the Brits did end up with the Pearl of the Orient, i.e. Hong Kong.

Overall it was a very nice Saturday. The mountain was so peaceful and had wonderful fresh air. It is actually a nature reserve so any development is not allowed in the area. It was a nice departure from the hustle and bustle of the city! And peculiarly enough, on top of this mountain, I had Hong Kong cell phone service…rather strange!

Can’t wait to fill you all in on my MACAO adventures next weekend! 🙂