Hi, my name is Shona and I am a “qingdaoren”. I am still doing a master degree of biotechnology in Australia and having my summer vacation. But for the next two months I am an intern in InternChina’s Qingdao office.
When I first went to Australia, I was offered lots of help from my agency and host family. In the first few months, it was difficult, especially for the language, as English is not my mother tongue. My agency and homestay family members helped me with almost everything, from visa to housing and eating. With their help, I got used to the life there fast.

InternChina - my first days in Australia
InternChina – my first days in Australia

Before coming back, I decided to find an internship in Qingdao in these winter months. When I was searching for job vacancies, InternChina caught my attention. I am interested in this field and this is kind of a chance for me to return the favor. In this way, I can assist the interns to settle down in a new city, just in the same way as others helped me.

shona in qingdao internchina office
shona in qingdao internchina office

I applied for the position hoping to become a member of the team. Through the communication with Yifan, Leo and Jack, I thought this is the team that I was looking for. And after joining the team, I was impressed by their kindness and enthusiasm. They offered every single detail for the interns, from the SIM card for cell phone to the bus line traveling from their home to the host company.

I believe I can learn a lot from them and I am looking forward to having a great time and internship experience here.

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