Where are you now? Joe, from intern to China manager to COO

Name: Joe Fry
Nationality: British
Destination: Zhuhai
Accommodation: Apartment
Programme details: 6 months, traineeship
University: Manchester Metropolitan University
Year: 2011

After university, Joe decided to do a 6 month traineeship with a company in Zhuhai through InternChina. Since then he has stayed in China, where he has been able to build on his career.

“The network that you can get from InternChina is a lot different and somehing that is very hard to be able to get…”

An internship in a second or third tier Chinese city is a completely different experience to that of an internship in a tier one city, such as Beijing or Shanghai.

“I’d say, don’t go to the first tier cities, [it’s] no different from going to any first tier city anywhere in the world. You can get the same experince in London. Going to a second or third tier city you can understand the culture more, you also get a lot more experience.”

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