Homestay & Internship Programme in Qingdao, China.

Name: Sophie Comber
Nationality: Australian
Destination: Qingdao
Accommodation: Homestay
Programme details: 3 months, homestay and internship experience
University: University of South Australia
Year: 2016

Sophie completed a 3 month internship at a media company, whilst also living with a Chinese family.

“Really for me it’s been amazing. There are a lot of different advatages to it. You can experience Chinese culture first hand because you’re living with locals.”

Interning in China, as well as living with a Chinese family meant that Sophie was able to gain a deeper understanding of Chinese culture.

“I understand that it’s possible to understand China a bit more now. That you can come to China and you can learn about it and you can function there, and you can live and thrive and really enjoy yourself”

If you’re interested in living with a Chinese family, learning the language and becoming involved with the culture, why not APPLY NOW?