Bobby’s 2 month Internship in Chengdu, China – Reference

Name: Robert Weir
Nationality: British
Destination: Chengdu
Accommodation: Apartment
Programme details: 2 months, Generation UK Programme
University: Northumbria University
Year: 2017

Bobby spent 2 months living and interning in the capital of Sichuan province, Chengdu, which is famous worldwide for its spicy cuisine.

“I really like Chengdu.[…]Even though it’s Sichaun delicacies and stuff, everything from other parts of China will be in the city as well, it’s so big! So you get to have a taste of maybe Xinjiang or Beijing or Inner Mongolian food, so you have a huge variety here.”

InternChina supports interns throughout their stay to ensure that the participants can really enjoy everything that China has to offer.

“InternChina really supports everybody here, if you ever have any sort of questions,[…] InternChina will always be there to help. […] They also offer different events here as well, also stuff like Thursday dinners”

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