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New InternChina Team Member – Paul Yeandle

Vietnam  China border
Vietnam China border

Hi Everybody / 你们好!

So it’s my chance to introduce myself, and after reading through many of the blogs here I feel a bit of pressure!
So who am I…Well, apart from being the new guy with spiky hair, my name is Paul Yeandle and I am the new Trainee Office Manager for InternChina’s Chengdu branch. I am 24 years old and come from Southampton, UK and have just finished studying a Masters degree from Glasgow University in International Management for China, so you could say… it was really China or bust after that!
Just over 3 years ago I first came to China, volunteering at a summer camp in beautiful Yunnan Province – (if you get the chance to visit definitely check it out). This was my first introduction to China and I don’t think my senses ever worked so hard – the smells, tastes and sights were so real, so different and so exotic – I was immediately blown away by everything China has to offer.


chengdu travelling
chengdu travelling

So I ended up returning as a teacher, travelling to many mega cities, towns and villages across the country and undertaking an internship through InternChina in Chengdu and have continued to be amazed by what China has to offer. Every day I see things that make me laugh or take a second look because I can barely believe my eyes. I guess waking up knowing everyday will be different, is a unique appeal to this country.

party in chengdu
party in chengdu

I am extremely happy to join the InternChina team and have been warmly welcomed by everyone from day one. I look forward to working with all of them all to create worthwhile experiences, new friendships and fantastic memories for all our interns.
China has given me so much and as I sit here writing this blog I can’t help but remember the first few days after arriving as China… it really opened up a new world for me and the chance to offer this experience to others is a dream job!

yangshuo raft
yangshuo raft

Anyway… that’s enough about my feelings on China, come experience it for yourself in Chengdu, Zhuhai or Qingdao!
再见 、 Bye!

Would you like to meet Paul and find out more about Chengdu then apply now here!