My time in Qingdao

My name is Ana and I am actually the IC intern from Zhuhai, but I had the great chance to swap my office with an intern from the Qingdao office. I stayed two weeks in Qingdao and I had a really great time! Not only because Qingdao is a great city but also because I met a lot of nice people here!
Qingdao is not a big city by Chinese standards (only 8 million people). It has really nice beaches, where you can actually swim in the summer and don’t take this for granted here in China! During my stay it was a bit too cold to swim, but the sunsets at the beaches are also really lovely. Because I only stayed two weeks, I tried to see as much as possible and I went to small Qingdao Island, Zhongshan park, Old Town, Signal Hill park, Zhangqiao Pier, May Fourths square ( right in front of the IC office), Qingdao temple, Laoshan mountain and I tried star fish for the first time in my life! My weekends were really full and feet always hurt from all the walking that I did. It is less crowded and less polluted which you will definitely start to appreciate more once you actually live in China and not only travel.  So come to Qingdao explore it and try some star fish (and only eat the insides –  not the outside or it will feel like chewing on stones)

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But the best thing during my stay was meeting all the awesome people in Qingdao!  They made me feel really welcome here in Qingdao and we had a lot of fun in Rocky`s bar, KTV ( QD’s KTV even have different themes: Disney land, Avril Lavigne, Minions, Hello Kitty…) and during all of our dinners! If you are coming to Qingdao you definitely have to go to the magic eggplant restaurant and of course try Qingdao beer! I was told there are 5 different factories here, which make the Qingdao beer and you can even taste the difference. I never managed to taste the difference but if your stay long enough, you might become an expert!?