My name is Joanna Embley and I am currently working with InternChina as an intern. I have been in China for just over a week now and I am enjoying every second. I secured a place with the InternChina team by applying through my University, UCLan which is based in Preston, Lancashire. The application process was challenging however I was determined to try my hardest and do what I could to be able to visit China. After multiple emails and conversations, I received the email that I had been accepted onto InternChina and I couldn’t have been happier. I just wanted to tell the world that a 20 year old female from a small town in Lancashire called Burnley was going to do an Internship in Chengdu. I could not believe it. I began researching the InternChina, Chengdu and what Chinese culture has to offer immediately!


InternChina - Chengdu trip
InternChina – Chengdu trip

I arrived at Manchester Airport and met the other lucky 13 applicants as we waited for our plane. Unfortunately the place was delayed, which resulted in us having to run to catch our next plane from Amsterdam to Chengdu. We then got to Chengdu to find our luggage had been left in Amsterdam which resulted in us having to buy new clothes – but we were so ecstatic about being in China, that we were not too bothered about the suitcases! We have eaten lots of amazing food, attended Chinese school once a day for three hours, where we discovered our names in Chinese and have visited many markets. We often stood in awe at all the amazing buildings, especially at night as the buildings beautifully lit up Chengdu showcasing what Chengdu really has to offer. We visited Wenshu Monastery and the Peoples Park which consisted of many events including dancing, games, drinking tea and grandparents trying to find their grandchildren a partner!


InternChina - Wenshu Monastery
InternChina – Wenshu Monastery

The group were taken to Shui Jing Fang Distillery which gave us an insight into the Drinks industry, as Shui Jing Fang is where 10% of the Chinese’s baijiu is made. Throughout the week the group visited many businesses including the British Centre, allowing the group to understand the work of the British Centre in Southwest China, Urban Hybrid, a British Architecture Firm and Ubisoft, a French Computer gaming company. Each business was a fantastic insight into how business evolves in China and how to maintain relationships. The group was thoroughly briefed on how to do business in China. Relationships are very important within China; going for meals with your business partners, attending drinks with new clients in order to secure a deal and maintaining those foundations. Without building these relationships in such a special way, most businesses would fail in China, which is very different to the UK!

InternChina - Chengdu trip
InternChina also took us to visit the Giant Panda Base, we were lucky enough to see pandas up close and personal. It was such a magical day and none of us wanted to leave. The weekend arrived and the group endured a 10 hour coach journey to JuiZhaiGou National Park. It was an early start for each day but it was definitely worth it. The breath-taking views were incredible and you could definitely lose yourself within the beauty of JuiZhaiGou. This week we begin our Internships and we are all very excited and eager to begin work within China. In addition the group get to experience Chengdu’s famous Hot Pot, try a Chinese massage, visit BeerNest and sample their beer as well as observe a presentation regarding BeerNest’s business in China. Overall Chengdu is a fabulous place brimming with potential. As a group we love it here and can’t imagine going back to England. Personally, I would feel extremely comfortable living in Chengdu as the people are lovely, Chendgu seems very relaxed and there is always something to occupy your time with. I am extremely lucky to have been given this opportunity and still cannot believe that I have been to China.


InternChina - Chengdu trip

I would encourage everyone to apply with InternChina in any way possible; it’s a fantastic company offering outstanding opportunities.

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