Yesterday I was asking my good German friend Maddy how her new job in China was going. She said she is very happy about her job, everyone is very nice but there was just one thing: she feels so lonely during her lunch time because all of her Chinese colleagues are lying on the couch or have their heads down on their tables to have a nap.
This is very normal in China. I had an internship in a call center when I was in university, every day after lunch almost all of us had a nap. Some of my colleagues even brought their sleeping bag to the companies and would lie down in the corridor of the office. Every time I went to the toilet I felt like a heroic general walking through a battlefield of dead bodies. I tried not to step on them out of respect because they were the best soldiers and they were trying to protect their land, family and freedom!

You must be wondering what do Chinese people usually do at night? Why do they feel so sleepy during lunch time? I am not going tell you. I just want to let you know this interesting thing which happens in China and invite you to come to China and have a look for yourself. Maybe you too will fall in love with the habit of the lunchtime nap!

lunch nap pic