Leo’s Travel Stories !!!! UK – Part 1

After been through applying visa, prepare some simple luggage I went to the first the trip to the UK. I have never been to Europe Before also never took such a long time flight 16 hours including the transfer in Abu Dhabi Airport.

Finally I arrived. Jamie picked me up in the Manchester Airport wearing a panda suit 😀
Before I came to the UK I learned some information and got to know it through television, films and from British friends. Manchester, UK is very beautiful. The houses, trees, countryside, Jet lag 5 days I guess it took me to get over the it.


At the beginning, all the time I went out for food, shopping, and pubs was with Jamie or other local friends. I was not so confidence about my English. My English is not bad and I have many British friends also I speak it every day. But with English strangers I was not sure I could understand their English. So, whenever I order some food in the restaurant or cafe I was always panicked because their accent and being not so confident, so whenever the shop clerk speak something to me like asking me what sauce I want or which menu, I always turn my face to my friends ask for help 🙁
Until one day I took a day off didn’t go to work being alone and went out for food in a cafe. That day I have gained confidence for my English. I totally could understood and communicate with English people! After a nice meal, I went shopping in a fruit market and supermarket.

Before I went to UK, whenever I told a English friend in Qingdao I was going to UK and they all got very excited. And they all told me I have to try pie, curry, fish and chips, English breakfast and I did. I liked them 😀


To be continued ….