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Introduction to our new Intern – Lisa Samani

My name is Lisa Samani, I´m from Germany/Düsseldorf. I´m the new Marketing intern for Intern China, in Qingdao.
I’m studying International Business and Management Studies in the Netherlands, currently I’m in the fifth semester. Why I am doing an internship here in China has two reasons. First, the internship was required for the fulfillment of my fifth semester. Secondly, I decided to apply for an internship in China, because I have never been in China before, and I wanted to get into the Chinese culture and learn more about the Chinese language and the people.

InternChina – Lisa

I’m doing an internship for four months, and I’m really excited what is waiting for me. As I arrived at the airport two days ago, I could already see a few of the differences between Germany and China. One of the differences, which was really interesting, was that Chinese people are sometimes admiring people who are coming from other countries and are always very interested and open to foreigners. 🙂
Last but not least, the weather is really cold and quite similar to Germany unfortunately. I hope spring will start soon and I will have time to explore beautiful Qingdao together with the other interns and my colleagues.

Meet Lisa in Qingdao and explore Chinese culture and customs with her!
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