WebXR Prototype Developer Internship

Internship Code: TOKIT01

Company Description:

After helping large companies and government agencies meet their accessibility goals for over a decade, the founder started this consulting company that can help any organization get its technology to work for people with disabilities efficiently. This consultancy is passionate about “contributing to a more accessible world”, and believes that all information technology should be available to anyone that needs to use it.

Since 2012, the team has grown into a global company, with team members joining us from throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas. While they are fluent in the most current international accessibility standards, their primary focus is on how people with disabilities actually use technology. They help their clients develop their products accordingly, and we believe this has been the main driver of their success.

Internship Position:

WebXR Prototype Developer Internship

Internship Description:

As an intern, you will develop interactive WebXR prototypes that illustrate best practices for design and development to improve access for people with disabilities.

In this position, you will actively collaborate and create code using a WebXR Framework (like A-Frame, ThreeJS, or Wonderland Engine), JavaScript, CSS, and HTML to implement novel ideas for spatial experiences.

The company has several prototypes in production and many more for you to work and ideate on. Their work is open-sourced and promoted across the industry and topic-related media channels.

The ideal candidate will help the company iterate on ideas across a wide spectrum of abilities. You will create with them on blog posts and articles related to the prototypes that are built to influence the next generation of WebXR.

As the AR/VR/XR space gets slowly more and more crowded due to traction in the industry, they are providing a unique opportunity to build solutions to issues that are currently underserved. They guarantee that this opportunity will draw international attention to any work that is being created and if you want to stand out in XR (globally) and get the shine of a spotlight from the industry – here is your chance.

Internship Requirements:

  • Degree: Computer Science, Computer Engineering, UX/UI Design, Human-Computer Interaction
  • English language, solid foundation in Javascript/HTML
  • Must submit a hyperlink to portfolio demonstrating web-based Applications / Projects  (WebXR a plus)