Social Media Internship

Position Code: TPBS129

Role: Social Media Internship

Internship Description

Business Consulting & Development and Cross-Cultural Guidance

  • Assisting Israeli and Taiwanese companies seeking new business contacts in these respective countries
  • Intermediation and strengthening business ties between Israeli and Taiwanese companies
  • Joint projects for government offices and ministries
  • Assist Israeli tourism companies planning to add Taiwan as a destination Professional Lectures, Seminars, and Training
  • Assist Israeli and Taiwanese executives and start-ups on the topic of intercultural business culture and communication
  • Taiwanese executives and investors – preparation for business activity in Israel and for companies interested in developing entrepreneurship and creativity within their teams in relation to Israel
  • Setting up schedules and visits
  • Accompanying delegations during every step of the tour
  • Simultaneous translation


  • High-level English & Chinese (Traditional Chinese)
  • High writing skills in both languages
  • Familiar with social network marketing design (Canva)
  • Familiar with Linkedin and Facebook platforms
  • Familiar with Wix platform is a plus
  • Having a connection to Israel is a plus