Technical Projects Internship

Internship Reference: QDEN08

Company Description:

This company is a global leader of vacuum and abatement. With over 100 years of rich heritage, they are the partner of choice for tens of thousands of customers in critical applications around the world. Vacuum is required in diverse sectors, from the generation of power to the production of steel, to the challenging environments of space simulation and high energy physics research. Everywhere you find vacuum requirements, you will find this company leading the way. This company opened their Qingdao facility in 2015.

Internship Position:

Electronic and Digital Technical Projects Internship

Internship Description:

  • IoT mesh: the offering company is experimenting with an own built IoT system. The current system is running through the central wifi, but the intern will upgrade the Arduino type PLCs to a mesh network.
  • IoT connect: the offering company is constructing an own built IoT system. The intern will review potential use cases, and implement connectivity to not yet integrated manufacturing equipment.
  • Automation: current equipment final test data readouts are available on the test cell, but not yet automatically uploaded. The intern will build a system to upload the test data into a central database.
  • Shuttle bus route optimization: The offering company runs 7 shuttle busses between the factory and the city to bring about 200 workers and employees from home to work and back. Defining optimal bus stops and routes is a complex mathematical problem. The intern will build and test a flexible computer model that minimizes commuting time.
  • Process digitalization: the intern will implement a digital system to replace current paper version worker guidance (operating procedures, work orders, build sheets,ÔÇŽ)
  • Manufacturing engineering: the intern will review and balance the assembly time of a large industrial unit, proposing and where possible implementing improvements to reduce the assembly time
  • Manufacturing engineering: the intern will implement various poka yoke systems on the assembly lines, to reduce the risk of mistake and reduce the assembly time

Please note all projects can be fine tuned based on intern capability and internship duration.

Internship Requirements:

  • Degree or background in Engineering
  • For the digital projects, ability to build computer models
  • Interest in optimization and continuous improvements
  • Ability to propose novel solutions
  • Clear and accurate communication ability – both verbal and written