Technical Artist Internship

Internship Reference:  TPIT46

Company Introduction

This company is an exciting newly formed foreign-owned game development studio, formed by industry vets and headquartered in Taipei. They are currently working on amazing AAA next-gen content for console/mobile/PC and looking for the talent of tomorrow to help them in creating experiences for the players of the future.

The studio culture positions itself at the intersection of technical proficiency and creative efficiency. They value the input and are not looking for robots but for individuals who are intrinsically motivated to create something special.

‘If you want to go far, go together.”

Internship Position: Technical Artist Internship at Game Development Studio

Internship Description

Technical Artist – Rigging and Animation

They are looking for talented technical artists with a focus on rigging and animation to work in an exciting new and dynamic international development environment. In terms of technical skills/proficiencies, They will be looking for them to be able to use: Your responsibility will be to make kick-ass rigging and animation tools and pipelines for the production team. You should be a good listener and pay close attention to the team’s requests, but also most importantly, you should be proactive in understanding how the production team is working and be proactive in creating tools and workflows that can help improve the efficiency of the production team.

They value synergy and creativity, and additional consideration will be given to those who show a level of creativity in there work/thinking and attitude. The role requires close communication and collaboration with various teams, departments, and external partners. They value the input and the individual must be responsible, open to constructive feedback as well as be able to communicate constructively to others.


  • Essential Skills
    * Strong understanding of rigging, skinning and related character technologies.
    * Strong problem-solving skills.
    * Strong interpersonal and communication skills. Must be able to work closely in a team setting with other departments.
    * Understanding of human body and facial anatomy.
    * Excellent working knowledge of scripting – Maya Python/PyMEL, and PySide/PyQt GUI design experience (You’ll be mainly making tools for the game production team)(If the individual has limited skill in using maya but shows talent they are happy to train  intern)
    * Modelling/UV
    * Version Control – Git
    * Math skills


  • Bonus Skills
    (Having additional skill or experience in the items listed below will earn you additional consideration)
    * Experienced C#/C++, Maya C++ API (Optional, but a bonus if has knowledge or experience)
    * Blender (Optional, but a bonus if has knowledge or experience)
    * Unreal Engine experience