Startup Digital Marketing

Position Code: LISBS13

Company Introduction:

This is a startup studio in downtown Lisbon, that repeatedly ideate, builds, and grows several startups in parallel, based on a lean process with a cross-disciplinary team and shared resources.

You will be assigned a company and role that is tightly related to your personal background.

Role: Startup Digital Marketing

Internship Description:

This company is looking for someone that can use both the left and right sides of the brain in the same task.
From strategic to tactical vision, from acquisition to retention, from creative marketing ideas to in-depth data analysis.
Work alongside fast-growing startups that want to have a positive impact on our world.


Required profile:
• Enthusiastic about data analytics.
• Ability to analyze and distill data into actionable insights.
• Excellent communication skills to interface with customers and collaborate in a startup environment.
• You have a positive attitude: highly motivated to achieve results and success, with the ability to be entrepreneurial, creative, and intellectually curious.
• You are autonomous and business-driven.
• You are persistent, you never give up, and are not afraid to fail.
• No experience required.

Main responsibilities:
• To idealize and lead growth experiments.
• Make sure every decision is backed up with data.
• Identify insights & trends from the data collected.
This job has been tailored for you if you have:
• A passion for finding innovative ways to get things done, to achieve a result.
• You are highly creative, think outside the box and, possess a test and learn mindset.
• You want to change the world.

• Collaborate with multiple startups on different growth phases.
• Ownership of experiments.
• Work within a growth mindset/framework.