Software/ Firmware Developer

Internship Reference: TPIT30

Company Description:

This is an International Biotech company with operations in Taiwan and Israel that has developed the only PCR-based technology in the world that can detect nucleotide bio-markers directly in whole blood samples without prior purification.

This core technology allows practitioners to provide rapid on-site genetic testing that covers user-friendly blood micro-sampling to bio-marker detection through AI without a painful (and dangerous) blood draw from the arm. Only a finger prick is needed! Simple, easy and completely painless for patients.

Internship Position:

Software/ Firmware Developer

Internship Description:

  • You will be responsible for software and firmware development and maintenance of their new product.
  • You will learn how to work in a team, software design techniques, mass production testing, validation and verification of electronic devices.

Internship Requirements:

  • Knowledge of C++, C#, Java programming language.
  • Good debugging and problem solving skills.
  • Experience in executing software life cycle management – from concept to prototype to development to validation and finally, to production.
  • Familiar with version management tools. e.g. gut
  • Basic knowledge of embedded Linux/Android/RTOS architecture is a plus.
  • With software validation experience for medical device is a plus.